Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snowy Wednesday

I really love the colors in this quilt. I didn't put a sleeve on it so it doesn't get hung up except in my sewing room, with pins. Today I am going to fix that so I can put it in my kitchen. I can't believe Valentine's Day is just around the corner, winter is going fast.

I received a super nice heart felt gift from my sister in law for Christmas. I needed to send a thank you note but everything I had at home was kind of blah. So Katherine over at Sew Me Something Good had made some cute cards a while back and I decided to look them up and make some for myself.
First get yourself some do have some don't you? (-:

I bought some cards with envelopes at A.C. Moore. You could make the cards yourself but this gives you instant gratification.

Use some fancy scissors to gussy up the edges and make it look less store bought...

Sew some scraps together about the size of your card, that way you will have room to play with in the size.

I took some batting and machine quilted all over the scraps. There was no backing.

Cut out your heart, apply some glue from a glue stick and sew around the edges. Be sure to write your message in red ink! I also think this will need 2 stamps.
I might make some more of these for the grandkids and stick some money in there instead of getting them candy. They love to get mail!

This morning when I came down stairs I found this amazing pattern of frost on the skylight. Isn't it cool! Oh Jack Frost your'e such a funny fellow......

A big thank you to all the nice ladies at the Berks Quilt Guild for welcoming me last night. I enjoyed sharing my quilts with you all.



  1. Your heart quilt is so lovely. I love your colour and fabric selections. How cool is that frost pattern! It reminds me of lace.

  2. Love the scrappy heart quilt! It'll look awesome in any room. Cool idea for a card; I may just have to try it! Great pic of the frost, what a lovely pattern - wouldn't it make a great paper pieced block? ;) Thanks for such a fun blog post!

  3. What a lovely idea for the grandchildren. Mail is so exciting for kids. The frost is amazing, very patterned.

  4. The little heart quilt is just perfect! Love how vivid it is.:)

  5. Super cute and looks like it was fun to do.

  6. I love that Jack Frost window. I know, I whine about cold but I do have a thing for frost. Especially frosted glasses.

  7. Very cute!!! Love your frosty window too! Have a great day! :)

  8. the frost is stunning! I love starting my day with a bright blog post like yours! :)

  9. Nice post...quilts, ice, inspiration for simple cards

  10. I love your sweet heart quilt!! Your loved ones will enjoy receiving beautiful handmade cards from you.

  11. What a great heart quilt for Valentines day! very very cute card. I'll have to make some - they are so fun.
    love that frost pattern!

  12. Jack Frost is the best!! Love your Heart quilt.

  13. Great quilt to hang up for some lovely colour to brighten the day. And your cards look great, too.
    I have been watching the weather reports in your area. It looks very cold! That frost pattern is amazing.

  14. Love the scrappy Heart! So nice and bright for this time of year. And the Heart card is wonderful. I can see you are having fun in the sewing room. The frosted window is amazing--I can stare at them for quite awhile.


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