Friday, January 2, 2015

Baby, Books and Nice

This is either my last finish of 2014 or my first finish of  2015, you pick! This is  for my grandson who is due in March. My daughter, Caitlin's pregnancy is flying by.... easy for me to say.

Here's the back. I just did simple allover quilting on it because I am hoping this is loved and dragged around the house.

I also made some sweet little bibs. I made the plaid one because  her husband Jim is mad about plaid! I am not worried about showing these ahead of time because she doesn't read my blog. Her shower is coming up soon and I am excited for her to see these.

Birthday present from my husband

I was shocked, horrified and deeply saddened when I read some statistics about books and reading on a blog called Flea Chic. You can click on it or I will will make you want to cry!

33% of high school graduates never read another book the rest of their lives
42% of college graduates never read another book after college (this is really shocking!)
57% of new books are not read to completion
70% of adults in the US have not been in a bookstore in the last 5 years (maybe because of Amazon?)
80% of US families did not read or buy a book last year (I am hopeful they went to the library for the last part)
This one I love ....reading one hour per day in your chosen field will make you an international expert in 7 years! I will declare myself an international quilting expert! Chuckle chuckle....
Seriously though, this is a pretty sad state of affairs, has our short attention span gotten this bad? I recently had someone (an adult) tell me there was a certain book they wouldn't read because it was over 300 pages long! If it's a good book I want it to be 700 pages long or longer! Oh this is very disheartening.

So a few weeks ago I had lunch with my friend Judie, we talked about all sorts of things and nothing at all. One of the things we did talk about that I want to share with you is, let's make 2015 a year  in which we are nice to ourselves. Not just every once in a while but every single day. It can be extravagant or simple but just 1 thing every day. Maybe it's 15 minutes of sewing, taking time to do that workout because you are doing for everyone else, buying that cute pair of earrings in Target that don't cost a lot but make you happy to wear, or to make me happy, READ A BOOK!

So think about it. I am going to occasionally tell you what I did that day and would love to hear what you are doing. Today I gave myself a little squirt of perfume after my shower and think I will be doing that every day, what am I saving it for?



  1. I am stunned by those reading statistics! I LOVE reading and two of my three kids do too. We always read to the kids when they were little and those are some of our best memories. My kids know that while I'm not likely to buy them what they ask for, I always say yes to books! It makes me sad to think of a life without The joy of reading.

  2. Your quilt is so lovely, such pretty colours. I laughed when you said the plaid bib was for Jim, are you sure it's big enough? Your New Years plan for being nice to ourselves is the best!! I'll be doing my bit for books this year, I've joining in a book club.

  3. that is stunning! I can't believe that a day wouldn't go by without reading. I have been an avid reader my whole lifelong. As a matter of fact,I am also a re-reader; if I really love a book and am so sad to see it end, I put it on my "To Be Re-Read" list. I will say though, that I am finding it more and more difficult to FIND really good, well-written, non-violent books out there. I do read murder mysteries (I am a total English Mystery geek!) but I don't like gore or gratuitous violence. (Sigh...) My Kindle runneth
    I love your quilt--really nice and cheery...hugs, Julierose

  4. You know those stats may be the same as they always have been... they just didn't ask the questions before.
    I can understand the 57% of new books not finished. a. either you get too busy or b. the book stinks or c. you move and lose the book in one of those damn boxes still not emptied.
    I'm reading Outlander - recommended by my sister. I like books in a series for the very reason that it's long, and I can get attached to the characters. I loved Jean Auel's first 3, but when it took so long for 4, well, it just wasn't as interesting. I think I'm on 6... I lost interest. I loved the Australians up to 6 or so. I devoured Harry Potter to the last word, and then wished for more. It was hard to get interested in anything else for years after HP. I tried and left a trail of unfinished books.
    Some of the best sellers are just that. They sell, but does anybody really read that tripe? Some of those are so lacking in style and so simpleton that a third grader would be offended.
    My hubby reads a lot... newspaper, magazine, but rarely a book. He likes politics (Why did I marry him? Opposites do attract, I guess) and geography and animals. He wonders why anyone would read fiction, but he wants to write a book about his family tree. What else is it going to be but fiction? There aren't enough facts to fill a nonfiction book.
    Interesting statistics. Love your quilt... its so sweet. The bibs will be a welcome help. (At my daughter's shower I gave her the blankie I knitted for her before she was born. It had been used and saved to be given as a gift to her again. It was pink, green, yellow and blue variegated yarn in a fancy pattern with a flouncy pink crocheted edge. It was gorgeous. Probably the nicest thing I've ever made. It was an emotional exchange.) She was a reader. Read all kinds of the classics and then started on some of the newer books. Her girls love to read, too, but her son is engrossed in computer games. That's where some of the readers get caught. It happened to me for a while, too.
    Sorry I spilled everything I know... get off on tangents lately.

  5. It's the phenomenon of electronics. It has shortened the attention span of the young and old alike. I wonder if those stats included e-books? At any rate, I have one granddaughter out of 7 grands who reads. I buy her books from my youth whenever I can. I agree with you...sad. Have you ever watched a segment of Waters' World? He interviews college students on campus (like Harvard, Princeton, etc.) and asks them the most basic questions (who is the vice president, for example). Ninety-five percent of them cannot answer those questions but they can name all the Jersey Shore people. How did they get into schools like that? It's like the whole world is wonky. Good post...I'm a world expert on quilting too-lol. Happy New Year! XO

  6. I love your baby quilt and bibs! Those statistics are unbelievable...I can't believe that many people won't read again! What a pleasure and gift time to read is. Reading is one of my favorite things to do with children. I like your suggest for one nice thing for yourself everyday. I am going to join you!


  7. Just to give you a shot of hope... WE READ! And our 5,7 and 9 yr olds read, too. Before bed, on the weekends, for fun during the day, in the car on the way places, together, alone, all manner and ages of books. :) We recently discovered Chester by Melanie Watt -- if you haven't read it to your grandchildren yet, I recommend it; it's fantastic! I will join you in the be nice to yourself year, primarily focusing on my health.

  8. I'm a voracious reader. It upsets my soon-to-be husband a lot, but not because I spend time reading. He just can't fathom reading as fast as I can. In fact I hide my books so he can't track how long it takes me to finish one, ha! I recently read a book on my phone that was 3,000 "pages." It was free and the first book in a series that I had the second book of (hate it when that happens). Any way, the second book, in hard back, was easily 1,200 pages-plus. It was so good I couldn't put it down. There are still readers out there, we're just "hiding."

  9. Very sweet baby quilt and those bibs? Just adorable! Our family is chalk full of readers. I don't read quite as much as I used to unless you count blog reading? That I do way too much of.:) I really struggled with buying my youngest kids Nooks because I didn't want them to quit reading 'real' books. No worries. When they run out of money to buy the e-books, the library is free!

  10. Adorable quilt, Kelly ...lucky little grandbaby! Did you have a tutorial you could suggest for the bibs? I like your suggestion...I'm reading Me Before You and finishing up a dress for one of my grands...self spoiling!

  11. Regarding reading - our kids read tons in the grades - it was required but they loved it too. Then not in high school. I asked a teacher why do book reports in 9th grade and she said it was because of the Internet and plagiarism!! Kids would copy reports, so therefore no reading????!!!! I couldn't believe it. Goo news is, my three adult daughters are all readers. Me too and I don't finish every book, it has to grab me. I work two jobs so my reading time is precious. Like your goal for 2015! Happy new year !

  12. Your first finshed quilt for 2015 is adorable. It looks so warm and cute for your new grand baby. The bibs are super cute too. I love your idea of being kind to ourselves. I had announced to myself and family this was going to be my year of fun and I can see where the kindness statement will fit in perfectly too.

  13. Love your bibs!
    Sad reading statistics- I am NOT part of those- I LOVE to read! I wish I had the room for one of those reading nooks- maybe my "nice thing" to do for myself is find room for one!

  14. Just found your blog - linked thru from Cheryl Lynch Quilts. I love this post - the part about the lack of reading, while not that surprising to me, is very sad. But I do my part by reading more than my share! Truthfully though, I don't buy a lot of new books - I either go to a used bookstore, or go to the library. The part about people not going to bookstores may be also do to e-books (hate e-books, love e-magazines!). One of my resolutions this year was to buy one new book per month (can't really afford more right now as I am unemployed) to support my favorite authors. That could count towards that days' being nice to me! I love that idea, thank you!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  15. I love your post today! I love to read and always have a book going. I read mostly on my iPad and also listen to audio books when I'm sewing. Congrats on the new grandbaby! Hugs,

  16. Cute quilt and love those bibs! I guess I'm a quilt expert too then... lol! Most of the books I buy are quilt, rug hooking related. I have been to a bookstore in the last 5 years.... but quickly learned that Amazon (or other online places) have much lower prices than a bookstore. Not to mention that bookstores are slowly disappearing. I think the last "story" type book I read was a Stephen King book of short stories... the "nice" thing for today is an afternoon nap... lol!

  17. I have been reading as long as I can remember. Still do. I read to my girls when they were so small they just drooled on the books. LOL They read all the time too.
    Love the bibs and the quilt.
    Today I went grocery shopping and I bought myself a quilting magazine.

  18. Your bibs and quilt are so boy perfect!! Caitlin will love them.
    What a great reminder about being good to ourselves!
    I wear perfume every singe day. It is amazing how often people compliment it. Also, all my scarves and even my bedding smell like a good way! so spray and enjoy!

  19. p.s. I wear Clinique Aromatics Elixir, exclusively. What do you wear?

  20. This post is both bitter and sweet. I love the bibs and baby quilt but those stats about reading are just heart breaking!

  21. I need to read more books. You've challenged me, Kelly. I used to read a lot problem is that once I start a great book, I don't want to put it down and so little else gets done...even sleep! My sister keeps a huge list of books that she's read and it's so impressive. One of my sons was a poor reader all through school but as an adult always is reading a book! Your baby gifts are so sweet...aren't you getting excited!

  22. I did a little checking on those reading stats. The man who created the graphic recanted it in 2012 because the stats were questionable. You can read his post here:

    For more reliable stats about reading trends in the U.S., I suggest checking out the Pew Research Center. There's lots of interesting reading there, such as this article from a larger report:

  23. Love the gorgeous baby quilt you have made for your daughter - front and back! And the bibs are delightful, too.
    As an ex teacher I can guarantee that the majority of families have few books in their homes and even less read a newspaper. And yet it is so easy to instill a love of reading in any child and open up a world that is as big as their imagination.
    Lots of reading happening here all the time.
    Have a wonderful year of being nice to yourself. It is a lovely idea.

  24. Those are awful statistics. But people must be reading -- think of all the blogs that are read daily, the Facebook pages, the tweets,... Right now, I am typing this on my iPad which has a few dozen books on it, iluding an ebook from the local library. My husband is sitting beside me, connected to my iPad by earphone, listening to an audio book from the library. Before we moved, we got rid of about one third of our book/magazine collection. We still read but for me, it's mostly ebooks.


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