Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Very Bad News

Late last fall I posted about our sweet little neighbor Julia, who is almost 3. Some of you have asked how she is doing. We have been holding our breath and thinking she was turning a corner. It is not to be.
Please send the family some much needed prayers, good thoughts or anything else you do, to help this family that is suffering the unimaginable.



Tuesday, October 29, 2019


I know, it's not even Halloween and we're talking about Christmas.......To start I will show you my current quilt I am sort of working on. It is for my granddaughter Piper, who was born in August. I love the hoola hoop girl.

So the quilt is going to be stars with fussy cut centers. It will probably be about 40" x 40".

I just love the fabric designer, Heather Ross. This is the new collection called Far Far Away 2. These fabrics will work well with the fussy cut center!

How cute are these honey bears???

These are the darker colors in the collection. This is one of those that if you want it, get it now or it will be gone. The little Princess and the Pea fabric is beyond perfect.

I also have another project I can't tell you about yet. I will be making some random blocks. I decided I HAVE to start using up my Kaffe fabrics! I have so many and I think this project will be a perfect use for them.

I am going to be doing a lecture and workshop in November in Cape May for the CAMACO Quilt Guild  We will be doing the hexie quilt. This one is done in Christmas fabrics. That's why I am talking about Christmas!

Not every fabric is Christmas but they definitely have a winter theme.

I bring tons of novelty prints for the students to use and I encourage them to bring some of their own to really make it their own. It's fun to always be on the look out for fabrics to fussy cut. I think they will like these along with the 100+ ones I will bring with me.
Christmas and Halloween are popular so I make sure I have lots of choices for those holidays.

I just had to make this cute little abstract tree. The pattern is in Quiltmaker and the original size was for a coaster. I enlarged it (200%) so it is a mini quilt.

Ok so that's 2 posts within the week.........


Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Long Time Gone!

My Wild Turkey Quilt! I love Thanksgiving, it is my favorite holiday I thought it would be appropriate to make a quilt for the occasion. The  pattern is free and you can find it at Wisconsin Quilting I will warn you now, it is not a beginner pattern. There are no real directions and I made several mistakes before I got the hang of how this went together. I kind of liked the challenge!

I chose to make mine with non traditional colors, and I am glad I did. I love the brightness it will add to my favorite holiday. Some straight line quilting made it go fast and worked with the pattern and did not overpower it.

I really did not want a binding to break the design so I chose to do a faced finish. If you have never tried this I highly recommend it for more "artsy" type of quilts. If you google "facing a quilt" I am sure you will find lots of methods.

My friend, Helen from New Jersey had a workshop at her amazing studio with Lorraine Turner. Lorraine is a fiber artist from Florida. This was our project. I still want to change a few things about mine and do the thread painting.

These are not fused and not glued (I did cheat). I like her techniques and will be happy to get this one done.

Now I will get back to a Christmas/Winter quilt that really hits my vintage and modern buttons! This is very similar to the Santa I did last year. You can see that one HERE.

Last but not least,  little baby Piper is growing fast. She is already 2 months old! I love it when they start to smile. She's getting a little chubby too 😊

I adore this picture so much! Helen gave her this little sweater. Babies in handmade clothes are the cutest ever!

We also have a major renovation going on. My daughter and her family bought a house, are gutting it and making it their own. This shot is looking out from the study into the garage, of course you can see that! I will share pictures as it goes along.
I'm going to make a goal of trying to post once a week. Life has been busy, too many workshops for me! While I love them it adds to the UFO pile.