Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Lots of Quilts!!

Last night my guild, the Penn Oaks Quilt Guild met. We did a mystery quilt starting last winter. The quilt is designed by Diane Knott and her blog is Butterfly Threads Diane calls it Sew Your Stash Along. We decided to make it a mystery quilt!

Each month they made a round in the medallion quilt.

Some of them were easy and some were a bit more challenging. Everyone made their quilt to suit themselves. Love that!

They rose to the challenge and overcame the hard blocks!

I love how everyone put their own spin on these gorgeous quilts.

There was a lot of anxiety about not knowing what the quilts would look like in the end. Picking colors was hard for many of us. In the end it all worked out!

Some even got their top quilted!

How pretty is this made with real feed sacks.

We are so sad to say good-bye to Rob who is moving away. I'll bet this new quilt will find a wonderful spot in her new home. Good luck Rob!

Purple and yellow how very nice!

Some of our newer members jumped right in with both feet!

Once we were finished I sent them Diane's blog so they could read and see more about her new project. Go check it out if you want to do a sew along too. It's called Seeing Stars

Overall this was a fun experience and I think they are ready for another Sew Along! The next one is called Sew Along Sampler......we're talking 6" blocks!!!!! We are a small guild and to have so many finish their quilts was amazing. Great job ladies!!!