Wednesday, April 28, 2021

End of April


I have been very bad about blogging. I was surprised to see it has been almost 3 months. Time is slipping away.

I went to our local Bernina dealer, Hinkletown Sewing to get a new foot for my machine. I saw this bag behind the counter and asked if I could have one. How cool is this!? I love how the handle for the bag is the handle for the machine.

I did a swap this spring with During Quiet Time with her book, Petals and Stems. The idea was to make a top and bottom but don't sew them together so you can mix and match the stems.

See how you can switch them out?

So fun!

The backgrounds were all low volume.

This is one that I made. If you are interested round 3 swap is open....go check out her website.

Remember all my little blocks? I am still making them but other projects have had to get done as well.

 Here is my little stack so far. They are addictive and fun. They would be perfect for a retreat or group sewing.

I think you all will get a laugh out of this......I was changing my foot from my regular one to my walking foot. I took it off thinking it was right behind my machine. When I went to put it back on I could not find it. I looked everywhere, for like 2 hours. I even looked in the trash can, twice. I ended up tearing apart my entire room.

My husband came upstairs and I told him what happened. Now this is a man that cannot find the mayo in the fridge.....He immediately spotted it! It fell in a crack of my sewing table and was wedged in there good! I swore I looked there at least 3 times.....

Now that everything was everywhere I decided to clean up a bit. I have a bin that all my vintage blocks are stored in and it was getting out of hand. I went through it and sorted and purged.

I totally rearranged my furniture and I love it! It may not look too organized but it feels like it and I can work so much better.

Some of the blocks/fabric is so wonderful....

I have picked these up at quilt shows and sometimes antique stores.

I feel like these are "instant" doll quilts, vintage even.

I have a collection of doll quilts I will show you one day.

I love Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet The woman is a marketing genius. 

This is a part of her red sampler sew along. It is fun and will get me a red and white quilt. Oh and I have done a little cross stitch! I know, I know who am I?

I love a good functional gadget. I got this little iron for Christmas and it is amazing! It gets super hot and will be great for retreats.

My other new find is Magic Pins. I love them! For some reason they are easy to use and very thin yet strong. The blue ones are called quilters length and the green ones are smaller.

I think I am a stress shopper. I found this and knew immediately I had to have it. It's soft, hand quilted and it was only $65, no stains, rips or tears!

This one was $95 and the hand quilting is amazing!! It too is so soft, I love it.

We are cleaning things out at my mom's house. She let me read a bunch of letters that my dad wrote when he was in the Korean Conflict. It was before they met and apparently women were proposing to him by letter! The content is so heart warming and you can feel the loneliness in some of them. There are also some gems in there from my grandmother who was never shy about telling you her thoughts! Who even remembers Air Mail? This is a reminder to write some letters, email will be deleted and some really amazing events will be lost. Write those letters! Give your grandchildren something to read and maybe even be amazed by....

For those of you that subscribe by email I have posted a new box on the top right of my blog. You need to subscribe again if you wish to still receive my blog in your email box. The current way you subscribed originally is going away. I am not sure why Blogger feels the need to keep changing things, it such a pain.


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Snow Day


I have been having such a good time sewing up these little blocks. They are small, 3" finished and they are paper pieced. If you are interested in doing these you can find them here Sentimental Stitches. There are 365 blocks, you receive 7 per week for the entire year! It closes on Thursday so hurry if you are interested.

My guild finished our Sampler Sew Along. It was a fun 10 month project and I think everyone that participated enjoyed it. Here is one of the blocks that I fussy cut. As you can see my color selections included all solids with low volumes for the backgrounds. I think it was a good choice.

Probably one of my favorite blocks!

I am so glad I took the time to embroider the signature block. My embroidery needs works but it's done. I am also happy with the sashing and those teeny tiny cornerstones. They are 1/2" square. The size works well with the 6" blocks. They remind me of Chicklets. I will be adding a label on the back to document 2020 and this crazy pandemic.

So this is the finished quilt. It's hard to get those blocks into a cohesive look but I think I spread those yellows around so none of them stands out.

I very seldom buy a kit but you know last winter, inside, lots of social distancing, too much computer.....I bought this from Fig Tree Quilts. It's called Summer Picnic Block of the Month. These are not all the blocks, just the ones we have started sewing together. I really enjoyed doing this and made a promise to myself I had to do the blocks every month. There are only 2 months left so it should be a top soon. It was also fun to look forward to something in the mail every month.

The blocks were not hard and the fabrics were right up my alley (no purple 😏).

They gave you plenty of fabric and I deviated from the plan from time to time. It has been a fun project to work on these past few days during the snow and cold. It kind of feels like summer.

If you ever decide to do a kit from Fig Tree I would highly recommend it. They are very organized, and prompt if you have a question. You will have plenty leftover fabric to add to your stash!

That being said I do have another kit of theirs that I will show you later in the year (-:


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Cold Winter Day


Winter and a pandemic can be a dangerous thing! I'm talking about shopping!!! I love this Alison Glass fabric.

It's such a good basic and I love the mini cross stitches.

I think this would be a good substitute for a solid that would give it some texture.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Yes Maureen McCormick from the Brady Bunch has a line of fabric out and it definitely has a 1970's vibe. These are the only 3 I got but you never know......

This is one of my first finishes for the year. I am planning on making a series of doll quilts. Why? First of all I am running out of room for all my quilts! It's a good problem to have but still. I also am hoping we will go back to in person gatherings at guilds and this might be good for a lecture and or workshop, we'll see.

While we still are not meeting in person, I am taking advantage of Zoom classes. This was fun and now I need to put the "puzzle" together. I always enjoy this step. This is when your design wall is essential!

I received this in the mail from my friend, Terry. I can't wait to read it in depth and do some more painting, thank you Terry!

These have been staring me in the face for 2 days now! I need to put them in my husband's office! 

I keep saying I will try to get back to blogging but most of the time I am not doing anything very exciting! Maybe things will be different this year.


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

End of Year Post


Our Christmas card this year. For those of you keeping track, upper left hand corner going clockwise----Jaxon and Cameron age 5 (they are twins),  Elliott 13 and Griffin will be 16 next week! Madison 13, Piper 1, Finnegan 5 and Brynn 3 and my oldest grandchild Fallon is 17!! Life is certainly better with grandchildren in it!

I definitely scaled back on the Christmas decorating this year. I focused on my kitchen table that is the heart of our home. Putting live plants there seemed fresh and just right, I love the simplicity. The beautiful nativity scene is a gift from my friend Stephanie all the way from Germany! I am hoping the amaryllis bloom in the next 2 days, my fingers are crossed.

Today I am cooking the things that can be done ahead. I am making Pavlova for dessert, 2 of them because everyone loves this! It's a little fussy, but mostly you need patience. Have you ever made it? Give it a try, it's light but yummy.

The new Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patters by Barbara Brackman is out and in color!

I have Electric Quilt and use it all the time. My guild did a Sew Along and I drafted most of the patterns on the program. They will also be offering software in 2021 that goes along with the book.

At this time of year sewing is on the back burner. This is a block of the month with Fig Tree Quilts. I am keeping up with this one! I think it ends in February or March.

We are starting to put the blocks together which I am glad so I don't have to make too many more blocks.

These are my Zoom blocks that I work on when we have Zoom meetings. I am almost finished the 10th one, I wonder how many more I will make?

I am still making the house blocks here and there. I have over 50 now.

My friend Cindy made this tub for me and it is perfect for storing the blocks so they don't get lost.

Even the inside is pretty.

I love this fabric by Cathe Holden. These are some labels for the back of quilts, but think of all the other things you could do with them.

This print features vintage paint-by-number paintings that are so fun.

This one features needlepoint. How cool would this be in a tote or purse?

I am trying to hold back with the cross stitch but it is hard! The patterns, the floss!!! It's all so great and so different from the 1980's.

This is a zipper pull that was made from a sampler image.

If you don't know, they now have cute little things like this to loop your floss onto. I don't want to tempt you but they sure are cute.

This year I have read 63 books! I think I will be able to finish this one in time to make it 64. This is pretty intriguing and an easy read. Do you keep track of your books? I do on Goodreads. I have started so many books that I have already read so this helps and I can also recommend books that I liked.

A while ago I posted a pattern for a quilt that I was working on that I called Pandemic. It was wildly popular, I sent out hundreds of patterns. Jayne sent me this picture of the quilt she made with the pattern as a wedding present. I think it is terrific! Thanks for sharing Jayne!

As the year comes to a close, I hope you find some good things to reflect on. I know everyone hated this year but I am choosing to look for the good things. Two really good things happened to me this year, so I am focusing on them. One I will share in the new year so stay tuned (-:
This morning 4 bluebirds were snacking on berries in the front yard. They were so beautiful against the white snow and the red berries, just an ordinary thing that made me feel good. I am going to keep looking for those kind of things.

I painted this the other day and have found that painting is very relaxing and very different than quilting. If you mess up usually you haven't spent months or maybe years of your life creating it. It's just paper and paint or fabric and we can always get more.

From my home to yours..... we wish you a very Merry Christmas!