Tuesday, March 31, 2020


I seriously cannot keep track of the days, they are all swirling together. I am forgetting things because I am never sure what day it is......

I am going to try and applique the virus away. For some reason I am not called to be in my sewing room. I love this red and green together, it's a favorite combination of mine. The pink half square triangle pouch is a gift from my friend Stephanie.

How pretty is this little bud, it's easy to sew too.

I have tried and like the new Aurifil 80 weight thread that I am using for applique. Have you tried it?

So are you unfocused too or is it just me? Last night we got the word that we are now on the list of indefinite, instead of April 30th as to when things will open. I have a feeling school is out for the year.

Thank you for all the nice compliments on my quilt top. I wanted to share this one with you from QuiltGranma.

"It looks like a very happy quilt! Like a family that came together but are not blood relations, they fit well together and play nice. Happy, happy that they have a home now, and are no longer orphans!"

I just wanted to say I could not answer your email because your email does not come through to me. This happens so if you don't hear from me this is why. This made me so happy and lightened the day! I think you are right!


Friday, March 27, 2020


My son just texted me and said "I am so glad it is Friday, or just day as I call it now." It does feel like all the days are the same.
I have been busy. I made this quilt top that I am calling Pademic 2020 #1 because I think I may be making another one.
The large applique bird is from Blackbird Design. I was loathe to see it languish in a box so it became the centerpiece of the quilt. Once it was up on my design wall I just started adding blocks around it until I found something that felt like it was working. It took me about a day to make this into a design I liked.


I have many, many orphan blocks. Orphan blocks are blocks that I made as a test, a project that was started and not finished,, I made too many blocks, or a block that turned out too small or too big, maybe I was not in love with the colors. I also save the half square triangles from snowball ends. I have hundreds of them in all different sizes.

When making a quilt like this I need to have a little bit of calmness to all the chaos. I chose all the blocks that were blue and green. You can see I also added some other colors, but mostly you see blue and green in different shades. Also note, nothing is perfect which I think adds to the whimsy of the quilt. Some points and squares are cut off because they just needed to fit.

I had 6 of these different applique blocks. Only this one felt like it belonged, so in it went. See all those half square triangles! I have a bunch of different sizes too!

Some of these are put together just like a puzzle. Strips are added or cut off, whatever it takes.

I set up my own rules ...... I can only use the orphan blocks, only strips can be added to make a block work.  I could break them but I usually don't, that makes it a challenge.
Now I have to figure out how to quilt it. In the meantime I have a lot of red, pink, green and yellow that may become quilt #2!


Monday, March 23, 2020

Is It Monday?

This is not all of them!
 So what is everyone up to? Sewing a like a maniac or not sure what to do? I find myself walking around my house and not being able to focus. I have done some sewing but not a lot. I decided that was going to change today.
I save all my orphan blocks. I also save all the snowball ends of blocks that become half square triangles. I have a lot of leftover blocks!

Yesterday I grabbed a bunch of them and layed them out. I did not have enough room! I have made an orphan block quilt a couple of times and I love them.

Half square triangles on the left and random patches on the right.

The funny thing is I am not sure why I even made these! They are not leftovers......but they were in the leftover box.

Once they were pressed I could see the potential.

Lots of these 4 patches too. I do know where these came from. I made too many, not necessarily a problem.

This one falls in the catagory, what was I thinking?????

I love these mini kisses. I had an idea I would make a bunch.....that did not happen.

Look! I had some 4 patches that would go with them and make a mini quilt! I love when this happens.

This was from a paper piecing demo. I am in love with it all over again!

Some old applique popped up. I need to figure out what to do with this....

Maybe it will play nicely with this block......

Or this block.......

I joined the Baltimore Applique Society when it first formed back in the 1990's. There was a swap. Truthfully I think these blocks are not very "me".

This one is kind of nice but I don't like the metallic gold. They may play together with those other "older" blocks. Lots of choices. Notice the date, 1995.

Are you making masks? I am making these for my sister in law who is a pharmacist. Tula Pink fabric, nothing but the best for her!

So here is a potential quilt that I made with some of my orphan blocks. It is just a suggestion and not the final product. As you can see there are a lot of half square triangles, I have hundreds!!! I like how it frames the composition.
For me stress is zapping my creativity. This is a fun and easy way to work that makes me feel successful. Baby steps. Are you feeling the same way?

So far all of my Corona Virus quarantine experiences have not been bad at all. I had to go to the grocery store last week. I went early, at 8:00 am. The lines went all the way to the back of the store, there were 20 cashiers. There were 50+ in line for the beer and wine aisle, it wrapped around the store and then some! Everyone was pleasant, no one argued and most went out of their way to be polite. That could all change.....we just found out school is closed for 2 more weeks (mid April) and we are now going to be on the next level of stay at home order by our governor where you can only go out for emergencies, food and medicine. It goes into effect tonight.

Maybe that quilt will get made! I'll be sure to post it if it does.


Thursday, March 19, 2020

Another Day

 This is such a weird time. I am having a hard time even remembering what day it is. Yesterday I tried to sew but just wasn't into it. I think I am on information overload along with everyone else.

Today was a better sewing day and a colorful one! These are blocks for a Sampler Sew Along I am doing for my guild. We pushed up the time line a bit because everyone is at home and wanting to sew.

Some of the blocks are paper pieced and it is not an easy thing to understand. Once you make 100 you finally get the hang of it! I did a tutorial for the guild members and hopefully that will help. I spent a few hours making the block along with photographing and writing up the directions. That very small thing made me feel more productive.

Do your moods reflect your color choices? I am wondering if I picked this green because it is peaceful. The blue half square triangles were from a mistake I made yesterday....

This block feels spring like even though today is cool and dreary. I think tomorrow we get a taste of summer!

I added one more to my bunch for the day and it feels satisfying.

I will pass on my find! It is a light box I got from Amazon for $22.00. It works great and is perfect for my needs. The brand is called Tiktek, in case you are interested.

I got a nice comment from a past guild member, Alice. I am sorry but your email address did not come through and I could not answer you directly. I wanted to say hello and I hope you are feeling better! I miss seeing your amazing quilts!


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Home Sweet Home

All I can say is thank goodness we have sewing! Though I have not been able to focus much. I do love this Tula Pink fabric and it was an absolute had-to-have kind of purchase.

Last week at my guild I won some Challenge Ribbons! Little did I know that might be my last time there for a few months!

This is my challenge quilt, Henrietta Hen. Our theme was Farm Animals. I have no energy to go upstairs, find the quilt and take a picture so you are getting a screen shot (-: from Instagram.

I have a pile of scraps that I can't decide what to do with.....make something or put them away? I can't seem to make a decision about anything!

Our retreat that was supposed to start next Monday was canceled and the plan was to work on machine quilting this vintage quilt. I started but it is taking FOREVER! I thought hanging out with some friends might make the time go faster. Now I am left on my own!
I am doing random lines across and then random lines vertically.

I just love the craziness of these blocks. There are pleats, holes (I repaired) and just many, many, mistakes. But I love it! Nothing lies flat, nothing is square and that's ok. I love that I am finishing up someone else's UFO. It's kind of ironic when I have plenty of my own!

I am also working on a BOM from Figtree Quilts, called Summer Picnic. I love her fabrics but don't have a lot of them. The blocks are pretty easy and you make 1 to 3 a month and all are different sizes.

So what are you all doing while we are at home for who knows how long? I know the obvious thought is sewing but are you doing anything else?
Any good books?


Sunday, March 15, 2020

The End of the Road

Many of you have followed along as my little neighbor battled cancer for the past year and a half. Today her battle is over. I am including the link for those of you who want more information.
God bless little Julia.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Whispers of Spring

Twice now I have accidentally deleted the text for my it will be short and sweet.
I love this bag I received from my friend Stephanie. It is so cute and functional!!!

It fits all my bits and bobs for applique when I go to my bee. It was made by Chase of Quarter Inch Mark.

I went to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival this weekend with friends. I have been eyeing this book up and love all the quilts inside!

My friend Cindy was the instigator for this gorgeous Cherrywood fabric stash. The colors are so cheery!

Last year I did a Sew Along. It was the Trinket Quilt by Alison Glass. I decided it was time to get it off the pile of things to do.

Simple straight line quilting that I think lends itself to a more modern type quilt. It's kind of boring to do but I love the results.

I took this out of storage and made a few more panels. It's slowly coming along using up all those scraps.

I have had some good luck with book picks from the library. Oh my goodness this was a good one. It will stay with you for a long time, I promise.