Friday, January 23, 2015

One Of My Favorite Tips

There are no great pictures in this post today so I thought I would show you some bracelets I bought today. The goal was clothes but the pickings were slim. These were on sales, both for $18! The sales lady wanted the bracelets on the left but I got the last ones, original price $35!
Here's a question, do you like to shop for clothes? Almost every single one of my friends does not like to shop. Is it because we don't feel like we look good in anything? Is it everything they make is made to fit skin tight (my pet peeve)? Do you feel like you are wasting time?  Fabric I have no problems with, but clothes, ugh!

This is my tip. I learned this during a workshop that was held with Becky Goldsmith of Piece O' Cake. I will never forget the day as long as I live because it was 9/11. My friend, Suzanne and I were in charge and decided to go ahead because all the participants were there and poor Becky was stuck with no where to go. It was a long agonizing day but I did learn some things.
This is for templates that you are using over and over, be it applique or piecing. I especially think it is good for purse patterns and the like.
Ok first you need to find some laminate sheets, the kind that don't need heat. I used to be able to get just plain one sided sheets that you pull the paper off the back, like contact paper and stick them down. Now the only thing I can find are these 2 page things that are overkill and don't work for our purposes according to the directions. One side is sticky and the other side is not.

sticky side

Cut off the non sticky side. Luckily it is a nice weight plastic that could be used for templates so save it. Pull the paper off the sticky side.

Lay your paper on the table as shown above. Hold the laminate in both hands (I could only use one so I could take the picture) and bend it in the middle. Gently lay it on the paper starting in the middle and smooth it out to the ends.

If you get some bubbles use a pin to pop them and smooth it out. I used 2 sheets on top of each other for a nice sturdy feel. Use some good sharp craft scissors and cut out directly on the line. These will last a good long time.
Curious to know what I am making? Maybe I will have something to show you next week.



  1. I learnt that trick in a class on applique a few years back. Its great for pieces that you use over and over such as leaves.
    I loathe shopping for clothes. My pet peeve is that the manufacturers these days seem to think that women are the size and shape of a 12 year old on stilts. Now I am on the short side, and by no means fat, and I struggle to find age appropriate clothing cut to a comfortable size. I don't want to dress like a teenager in a mini skirt showing my midriff, but by the same token I don't want to dress like a 90 year old.

  2. I hate shopping for clothes. When I find something that fits, I buy it in more than one color. Clothes shopping is painful for me!

  3. I absolutely HATE shopping for clothes; I swear that department store mirrors make everyone look terrible! I usually end up going online
    and buying the same things that I always get: Jeans, turtlenecks, tees etc.(I being retired just live in these items) I usually try out one first for fit--and if it is good, I go back and get a few colors. I like, Lands End (tees, turtlenecks), LL Bean (vests, coats), QVC (for denim) and sometimes, Eddie Bauer. I don't usually ge dressed up very much at all since I have retired..
    thanks for the template tip...have a good weekend. hugs, Julierose

  4. Great tip. I usually trace the shapes and make plastic templates with the plastic sheets. Of course when you trace and all that there is greater possibility for error.
    I hate to shop for clothes. Fabric I can shop all day. Clothes 5 minutes. It seems like everything is made for teens, or completely without any style. ugh I do love the bracelets.

  5. Thanks for the template tip! I guess I have to chime in with all the others - I used to love shopping for clothes, but no more. Quality control has gone out the window....clothes are no longer made well and the sizing is not consistent. You must try everything on, even to buy the same style but in a different color. And try to find a style that is flattering....most are made to fit "Olive Oil"....for those young uns, she's Popeye's girlfriend, not the cooking oil. : ))))

  6. cool chunky bracelet. I hate clothes shopping. I used to get almost all my clothes at Macy's but have been disappointed there lately. I just ordered stuff from Lucky Jeans on line - good sale and free shipping. It is a waste of time for me!
    good tip

  7. The only way I even SLIGHTLY enjoy cloths shopping is when I am NOT on a mission for a specific item (actually that is true with fabric as well). And you find something that you enjoy! Such as your fabulous bracelet sale--Nice Score! And love the template tip--I will be purchasing that on my next outing. Thanks for Sharing!

  8. Great bracelets. I don’t enjoy clothes shopping for most of the reasons you mentioned and also there are so many other things I would rather be doing.
    I usually only shop when I need something to go somewhere special.

  9. Shopping for clothes-- anxiety attack followed by screaming tantrum, finishing with depression and tears, driving home from the stores by way of Dairy Queen or a bar-- whichever is more time appropriate.

  10. i don't enjoy clothes may be because I have more Bass. lol. thanks for the tip!

  11. That's a great tip, my friend makes her templates like that. Hate clothes shopping, it gives me a headache. Most of the time I'm looking for something specific and can't find it.

  12. What a great idea for templates! And yes, I hate clothes shopping because I don't think I look good in much of anything and really, the clothes I really want are way too expensive for my budget.:)

  13. I just hate clothes shopping too - just one huge disappointment! Now purses and fabric - that I like! Great template tip. It was interesting reading that the workshop was on 9/11 - how did you concentrate on anything?


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