Thursday, January 22, 2015

Baby Basket and Bob

Today my daughter called to tell me they saw the baby in the ultrasound today and he is already 4lbs 13oz! She is 32 weeks but is measuring at 34 weeks. The next 2 months are going to go fast.
Here is the last of my baby shower sewing. I made the cute basket using a pattern by Noodlehead. It wasn't hard but a little fiddley for me. I changed up the handles and now wish I had made them according to the directions, too late now.
Inside is a sheet, some washcloths and 2 swaddle blankets with little sheep on them.

The airplanes were not too babyish, as I hope this can be used for toys later on.

The inside is divided, diapers on one side, wipes and ointments on the other. I think a certain big sister will be toting this around to help mom and dad change diapers.

The next time I might leave out the divider.

Mary Beth, Bob and Wendy
Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband Bob!

The hardest working man I know!

Jimmy, Rick and Bob


  1. Lovely divided bag. I have been meaning to do one of those for yonks - they are so useful. Nice new kitchen!

  2. What a wonderful baby gift. The divider looks like a good idea and the aeroplane fabric is really fun.. It's great to hear bub is growing big and strong. A very happy birthday to Bob!!

  3. What a great gift idea, I like the divider actually. Happy birthday to Bob

  4. que alegría prepara cositas para un bebe!!!
    la bolsa es muy practica y las telas muy divertidas

  5. Very cute basket! I've seen other versions of this and people seem to often mention the pattern being fiddley. Do you think it was just because it was the first time you've made it or is it generally a bit challenging to put together? I kind of like the divider ~ why would you consider not including it the next time? Function or challenging assembly? Sorry for all the ???s. I had looked at making this pattern and am interested in your feedback. Thanks! Love your fabric choices!

  6. The basket is so cute. Love the fabrics. Happy Birthday Bob

  7. How fun to get baby up-dates. Love the basket and filled with goodies. One lucky little guy. Happy Birthday to your hubby.

  8. And the count down is on! The basket is so cute and I love the airplane fabric. Whatever the handles were meant to be, these look great.
    Sending hubby Happy Birthday wishes.

  9. What cute boy fabric for the bag. It looks great.
    Happy Birthday to Bob - nice photos!

  10. Great gift, love the airplane fabric!!! Happy Birthday to Bob! :)

  11. What a cute basket and so useful. Love the airplane fabric .

  12. So many fun and cute things to make for babies. Sounds like baby is growing and getting ready to join the family.

  13. I love it...and it would be great to make a couple of these up ahead of time because all my children's friends are having babies!

  14. That's a great basket - it should be very useful.
    And Happy Birthday, Bob!

  15. Happy b day Bob. Hope Kelly made you eclairs. Need full report on the shower, Missy. She will love all her gifts for The Boy. Bring Kleenex...


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