Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I Stand Corrected!

I don't think I showed you this last Sew Together bag that I made for a Christmas gift.

I love that lobster fabric! So did she.....

I was obviously not reading my calendar correctly yesterday....My mini trunk show at Penn Oaks is next Monday night the 12th, not the 5th!!!

Okay my face is red, and I should know better and should have checked....a commenter sent me some revised information about reading and books. You can read it HERE. I guess this means I should heed my own advice and READ a little bit more! My apologies. Thank you for keeping me honest!!



  1. I wouldn't worry about your honesty. Statistics is one of my pet peeves. The numbers can change so much with one little difference in the collection of data... for example, were you asked how often you read? No, neither was I. Who were invited to answer the questionnaire? What part of the country? I was aghast when I asked a question about the unemployment percentage - I wanted to know if it was taken by the Unemployment Office - a government number. How was the sampling done... My Econ teacher didn't know, so he went digging and found out that the number was derived by a questioning group that went door to door. Well, the whole class as aghast then. Imagine the variables there. What part of the city, who answered the door, I wasn't asked, was it extrapolated from only the poor neighborhood, was it assumed to be a working couple if no one answered the door? Some do answer with a lie to save face. I really do not trust statistics, especially the shocking ones. So the fact that your numbers are different than someone else presents - well, it has to be - they didn't ask me (or U) They extrapolated from a different set of people, they used different questions, too. Usually these studies are driven by some political agenda. Don't let it bother you... just be wary in the future.

  2. Don't worry, IThe point that you were trying to make about books is that it would be good to read more, and maybe encourage other to read if possible, and that message got across I think. I've been making sure I'm reading every day. :)
    That lobster fabric is very cool!! Your pouches are always fun!!

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  4. cute bag - love that print too. Wish I could come to your trunk show!


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