Monday, January 26, 2015

A New Old Project and the Baby Shower

I am making a concerted effort to get some UFOs completed. I mean come on, some of them have half the work already done! If I really dislike it I am ready to toss it or give it away but if I like it I am going to finish it.

These are the sweetest little blocks, about 7 x 7.

Once again the mix of old and new. The curved pieces are vintage feedsacks and the lollypop flowers are hand dyes.

This was way back when I was afraid of curves, so I appliqued them! I will finish up the last few the same way for consistency.

Some blocks are all set up ready to be sewn. Does it get much easier than that?

Even appliqued stems and prepped leaves! The dark stitching on the stem triangles is to keep the bias edge from stretching. Not sure why I chose that color????

I even have my placement notes, this was meant to be made.

This is how old this project is!!! 17 years! Check out the price of the magazine too.

Here is the original quilt, The Posey Quilt by Lillian Smith of Missouri c.1930. Remember when this was all the rage?
I was a little ambitious when I started this pretty quilt. It will now be a 9 block wall hanging.

Now for the baby shower.....

All signs made by Maddy

My daughter's mother in law had the shower in her beautiful home. The candy bar was a hit! All kinds of blue candies with bags to take some home or eat right away.

Some cute yet practical decorations.

A cute little cake with some Onsies decorated with dots.

Maddy's contribution was a Welcome Baby Kelly sign. Kelly is the last name, they are keeping his name a secret until he is born.

The decorations were simple, yet tasteful, totally my style. Beautiful fresh flowers and a few balloons. The food was delicious!

There were baby pictures of mom and dad that everyone enjoyed.

Mommy's helper waiting for her to arrive so she can help open presents. One of the things we did was to buy a new wagon and have guests bring a book instead of a card. He got tons of great books!

Overall it was a wonderful day and yes Caitlin was glowing!



  1. I LOVE that quilt you're working on! Want to begin making it right now......

  2. what a fun fun shower that looks like. I love the candy bar, the cake, cookies and Maddys signs. She suddenly looks so pretty and grown up. Love her tulle skirt. Caitlin looks beautiful. what a blessing a new baby is.
    your quilt looks great - and I'm so impressed with your record keeping. I have to reinvent it every time.

  3. I'm so glad you are working on your Posie quilt. It's a delightful pattern. When it's good, it's good, no matter the age. Right? What a fun baby shower. Loved the candy bar and the decorations. I bet you were glowing too.

  4. I LOVE your posey blocks!! What a great pattern and of course the fabrics youre using are wonderful. What a fun baby shower, with so many lovely details and Maddy's signs add that special touch.

  5. Love a good baby shower and a happy mom.:) Looks like your applique was all prepped and ready to go! Very sweet pattern!

  6. That Posy quilt is so beautiful. And detailed. It will make a great wall hanging. The baby shower was so sweet. Love that candy bar. The clothes line was a great idea. Looks like everyone is very happy and almost ready to welcome baby Kelly.

  7. What an interesting quilt. Love that it has been ready to go for so long. I much prefer the fabrics you are using.
    The baby shower looks to be a huge success. Your daughter is looking really well.

  8. Sweet baby shower! Love the quilt. I have saved a picture of the vintage quilt for ages, and have though about making one and here low and behold I see the pattern! It's adorable! Love love love it!

  9. Nice post. Really like the blocks for UFO. Cait looks like you in last photo.

  10. Kelly, your blog is always a bright spot - especially in gloomy January. Your Posey blocks are just lovely! The colors are so beautiful! It's amazing to see that it's based on such an old quilt because it looks so fresh and new. I'm so impressed with your notes!
    The shower looked so sweet. I love Maddy's signs - she's so cute. I love seeing your family fun.

  11. Your photos are lovely. Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. So Kelly.....your daughter's last name is Kelly? How fun!!! Congratulations on the new grandson coming soon. You know I love the posies!

  13. Kelly, I need to ask you about displaying quilts at Henrietta Hankin. Can you email me please? Thanks, Lenore

  14. Glad that Caitlin had such a lovely shower. Love your feedsack fabrics - they pair wonderfully with your hand dyes!

  15. I LOVE this quilt pattern and your masterful mix of feed sacks with newer yardage. Fun looking baby shower too!

  16. Cute blocks. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.


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