Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Last Wedding of the Year

My niece, Jasmine was married Saturday on a picture perfect September day.

What a back drop!

Carol, Caitlin, Jim and Jan
Out of town family was there.....

even from Idaho!

Pretty bridesmaids and handsome groomsmen....

adorable little children....

Griffin, Maddy and Fallon
adorable grandchildren....

Elliot looked like he was Amish!

a merry go round that even the adults could not resist.....

Dylan and Griffin
and swings.....

Rick, Jan, Kate, John, Kevin
Ellen, Bob, David
Nancy (Jim is not pictured)

a mom with 8 of her 9 children....

Congratulations John and Jasmine Jones!


Friday, September 27, 2013

We Sewed, We Ate, We Chatted

Another get away is in the books. Christine is in her jammies (it is almost noon, hey I am not judging just reporting the facts) sewing away.

This is what she was working on...

and this.....they do not go together just happened to be next to each other.

The weather was beautiful, crisp and autumnal. We wore warm clothing most of the time, in between hot flashes! Above is Angela and Cheryl.

Angela made the best meal, in my opinion while we were there. It is called White House Spinach Pie. It was out of this world good. I think you can google it to get the recipe.

Jane's table runner, no picture of Jane...

Terry's table runner, no picture of her either. For whatever reason I stopped taking pictures, maybe because I was sewing?

Cheryl's string quilt. This is on my list to do next, maybe.

Cheryl brought her studio Accuquilt. We are making a basket for our guild's auction this winter. I will show you a picture of the finished basket later.

All I will say is if you like batiks, pre-cut into strips and squares of many sizes and lots of colors you will like this.

It was a fun time, thank you Cheryl once again!
I do have sewing to show but have not had a chance to photograph. We have another family wedding this weekend and a party Sunday so maybe next week.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

and more quilts

I see an eye, do you think that is what was intended?

I liked this detail.

This was so cool. Those line that make up the circles were only like 1/8" wide!

I loved this because I would never be able to do it. Every piece is a fabric, no painting. I could never make something look as real as this is.

Look there is even gingham in there and paisley!

I chose to show you this one because it is made of wool.

I think this block shows her love of just creating.

That concludes our show. I am going away to sew for a few days in the Poconos. I hope to accomplish much ( :
I will post our days when I come back.
Happy Birthday to my oldest son, Johnson who will turn 37 on Monday. I am a lucky mama to have such a good son!


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Quilt Show Pictures

I think the 3 dimensional quality of this quilt was unreal. Doesn't it look like you could reach in and pick something up?

This is quilt made by Beth a blogger friend. I was so happy to see I knew who made this. The quilted circles were cool.

Sujata I took this picture with you in mind!

This quilt was unbelievable. So you are looking at this and saying really?

Up close you can see the french knot "snow" that was hand done all over the quilt, there were thousands of them! It gave it such a nice texture too.

Simply amazing!
Check out the size too!

I took this to show my husband, not to make him one. Luckily he really didn't like it.

It had a sad story to go with it, you can read it below.

My friend Suzanne and I went to the show together. We both would like to make this quilt.

I liked the whimsical look of this quilt.

Another blogging friend Rachael is working a quilt that has a lot of hand quilting on jeans. I took this for her to see that she is not alone! There is also corduroy in there too.

I have more quilts to show you and will post them later.