Saturday, December 31, 2016

Good Bye 2016!

First off I want to wish my grandson, Griffin a very happy 12th birthday! He is now taller than me and I am sure his brother is not far behind!
This is my last quilt of 2016 and I am very happy with the way it turned out. It was not the original plan and I am glad I didn't settle for what would have been a pretty predictable quilt. I am thinking this might be a good blueprint for 2017? Work on things until they make you happy, even if they aren't quilt related?

We all can relate to this.....

From Madison

but maybe also slow down a bit to enjoy what is super important?

because those times are fleeting....................................yo Adrian!

I would like to thank all of you who take the time out of your day to read my posts. I don't know what happened in December but I had almost 30,000 hits! The month before was 11,000, so I am surprised but glad for the responses to my posts.
Here's to another new year of sewing and friendship. New goals (no resolutions) and achievements.
Happy New Year friends!


Friday, December 30, 2016


I have this friend Judie. We met 15 years ago at real estate school, we were the only two women in the room. we immediately hit it off and within the first hour we found out that we both quilt! What are the chances of that happening? The very next day we both brought in show and tell for the lunch break.
Since that time we have become the best of friends and feel like we have known each other forever. Our paths should have crossed many times because of all the people we knew but they never did until that day.
She knows me well! These are two presents I got for my birthday (we usually celebrate my birthday and Christmas at the same time) and I can't wait to read them.

Judie also fell in love with the Tula Pink fabrics and bought these for me!

Is this not a great idea for my old eyes?? Lighted and a magnifying glass! Hopefully I won't be needing it much......

Another book that santa brought me and it's wonderful. She has a great technique for facing your quilts (not using a binding) that is worth it alone!

I am sure many of you are scratching you head wondering what this is doing on my blog???? The Lancaster Modern Quilt Guild challenged us for January to dig out a UFO, finish it and bring it to our meeting. Obviously this was made a long, long time ago. I am thinking the early 1990's.
I spent a lot of time on the star and wanted to at least finish it even if it wasn't my colors anymore.

I ripped off the two applique blocks.....

and added a reproduction fabric I had in my stash.....I am not sure why it was there. I had just enough to cut out the squares and triangles, it was meant to be. This picture was taken at night and the colors work very well together. I don't know that I will get it quilted before Tuesday but I will still bring it. Thank you to everyone who gave me advice on Y seams, they weren't hard at all.

I joined in a swap with the Modern Quilt Guild. The quilt was to be no larger than 24 x 24. I love that I have become so comfortable doing curves, it opens many more design possibilities. I needed to get this done early because the mailing date is right around the time my daughter is due to have her baby.

I did an easy curved quilting pattern which is fun and no stopping or starting.

For small quilts this easy triangle corners technique works very well and is simple to do.

As much as I love all the red that is Christmas, I am ready for it all to be put away. Everything needs a good cleaning. We have a dinner tonight, a party tomorrow during the day and one at night so I don't think it will be happening this weekend. Sunday will truly be a day of rest!

And this girl loves a list! I am planning a deep deep cleaning/purging/organizing of my entire house this coming year. We have been here 31 years, kids have come and gone so it's time.
I don't do resolutions but I am going to try and do some things different in the upcoming year. How about you?


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

In Between Days

Here is how the cake turned out.........something I would have done differently.....I would have added yolks to the cake, it was falling apart as I frosted it. I "spackled" it with frosting and froze it to hold it all together. It held up ok but they did start to fall down as the night wore on. Overall I thought it was fun and the kids liked it.

This was a favorite and colorful gift. I want to read them all over the winter. Maybe someone will pick a classic for book club? Hint hint.

Some more color to admire and make my day happy.

I used some of them to make this. I had an idea but not so sure I will follow through with it.

It seems like this time of the year I ping pong back and forth between projects and or ideas. I went through some vintage fabrics I have last night because I want to make another basket quilt. I also need to start thinking about projects for our getaway that is coming up in February.

I made a mess. The nice thing about having a room of your own is that when it's bedtime you can leave it all on the floor and walk out of the room!

I found this in there and totally forgot I had it. I love how simple yet vintage the design is and the yellow is beautiful. The picture does not do it justice. I think they were cafe curtains.

This was my book club pick for January. I am so disappointed because I didn't think it was that good and I really liked the cover! Has anyone else read it?
So the in between days of Christmas and New Year's are always kind of unsettling for me. I am anxious to take down the decorations but have no energy to do it. I want to sew, sew, sew but not sure what to work on. My kitchen floor sure could use a washing but no I am not doing We have some more parties coming up over the weekend so before you know it the new year will be here. I just want everything to go back to normal about you?


Friday, December 23, 2016

We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

How cute are these mug rugs? I made them for my friends. Cheryl's is in a beach theme because she is Jewish and she is on her way to Key West for 2 months!
Before I forget our poll is almost over be sure to vote over here--------------------------------> over on the right hand side of the blog at the top. You can only vote once.

I have been able to keep the succulents alive for almost 3 months that I am giving to the neighbors.

This is for a brand new sewer, any guesses?????

I totally forgot to show this quilt! My friend Cynthia who lives in Arkansas made this for me!!!! It is so beautiful and the colors are amazing!

She also sent me a book I don't have and it is full of ideas! Thank you Cynthia!

Today I am busy cooking for tomorrow. We are doing Italian! Chicken Parm and baked ziti with meatballs. I love it because I can make it all ahead of time!

Tomorrow we will celebrate with my family and Sunday we will be at my daughter's home for a much quieter day. Our family wishes your family a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka and a Happy New Year.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Twas Almost The Night Before Christmas

I know it's getting down to the wire but I can happily say I am not one of those running around with last minute shopping. I was almost going to sew today but I do have things to get done and I don't want to be leaving them to the last minute. I am a girl with a list and I love checking off those items that need to be done.
I was toying with making a Christmas pincushion but did not make the time. Maybe it will still happen we will see. How cute is this fabric? It feels very vintage with those snowmen and the little pink and red deer. These would have to be included! Lynne L these are calling your name!

If you are looking for a gift (not now you are out of time!) for next year or for a special birthday you might want to consider this idea. It is not my own but it's a good one. I scanned a recipe card of my grandma Aggie's Sorghum Cookies and had it made into a dish towel. There is a site called Spoonflower and you can get all the details on how to do it over there. Even computer challenged me could figure it out, though it took me a little bit of time to do.....! I love how it is in her handwriting and little bits of batter or butter on the card show up. It feels so authentic. It only ended up costing about $8.00 and it's on linen, not bad at all.

Every year I buy my husband a toy for Christmas because he really is like a little kid. Lately it has been remote controlled cars. In real life he is a building contractor so I think he can handle this one. I think he is going to like it!

Thank you for all the comments on my candy trees. FYI I made the cake to freeze and as I was frosting it, it started falling apart. I glued it back together with frosting so I am not that hopeful. Regardless there will be a picture!


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Moon

Winter Moon

I have finished any Christmas sewing that I was going to do and have moved onto "regular" sewing. I have a swap I am in with the Modern Quilt Guild that is due the end of next month. If you have never done a swap you should consider one. They are a bit like a challenge in that there are rules, deadlines and you get a surprise quilt in the mail at the end of the swap. Don't worry about getting skunked. They have swap angels that make quilts for those that did not receive one but participated. You never want to do that though because your name goes on a list and you will not be allowed to be in any more swaps! As much as that may sound over the top, I have been in swaps and never received the blocks, or fabrics I was promised though they received mine,

The tree blocks were a smaller version of my free pieced tree tutorial that has had many hits! I put them on my design wall and it looked pretty boring. The drunkard's path blocks happened to be on the wall too. A happy accident? I think not! I think it was meant to be!!!!
As you can see I randomly put these blocks together without making them be side by side. Next I put in the drunkard's path blocks. This is where a design wall can be invaluable!
The trees were going to be a part of my swap but now I am totally changing my idea and it no longer fits the criteria.

Next I filled in the holes with some of the same solids in the blocks. I love working this way, it is exciting to see what happens. It is much easier than it looks you just need to give it a try. Usually I cut these fill in pieces larger than needed and trim as necessary.

Next comes the quilting which I knew I wanted it to be simple and more modern. I used Auriful 2061 to quilt it which worked with all the colors pretty well.

I use my applique trick which is to pull some thread from the spool and lay it across the quilt. Depending on what you are looking for it will give you a good idea what it will look like when it is quilted. I wanted it to be more blending on all the colors and not stand out too much.
I lengthened the stitch to a 3 on my Bernina. The lines are random yet straight a look that I think works with this quilt.

Do you have this tool in your sewing room? It's a carpenter's square that works great to square up your quilts. It works on large and small quilts. You can even run your rotary cutter along the edge because it is made of some kind of metal, maybe aluminum? I bought it for $6.90! My husband actually suggested this when we were at the tool store.

So there you go. It is not bound yet but I think I will be using the facing method because I like the clean look.

To give you an idea of size I made the drunkard's path blocks ( I really don't like that name) using the mini quick curve ruler. They came out perfect and are cute.

So if you have time, go find all those old blocks you don't know what to do with and sew them together!


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fun Project

From the December issue of Country LIving  Magazine

I don't know about you but after our Christmas dinner is finished no one is ready for dessert. This year the kids requested Italian so we will be extra full of pasta!
It's hard to see this cake above, it's white with white frosting and a little forest on top! I decided I will be making this, along with a few cookies and we should be good to go while we play charades.

The directions were pretty easy. Melt the candy over a double boiler. I know you can do it in the microwave but if you ruin it you have to start all over again. I used a small pan which made it even easier.

These were the candies. I used lime green, a darker green and a turquoise blue. You could use any colors you want......think how pretty a white forest on a white cake with glittery sugar would look! I did not use the entire bag and had plenty leftover melted candy.

You must use parchment paper on the backside of a cookie sheet in order for them to come off without breaking and sticking. I bought the lollipop sticks but I have seen on Pinterst that people have also used pretzel sticks. I wanted mine to be taller than a thin pretzel. Be sure to lay them out on a cookie sheet (to move them around without smearing them) and leave room all around for the trees.

Spoon the melted candy into a zip lock bag and cut a very small hole in one corner.

Next you just drizzle it all over the stick. Sometimes the chocolate was hotter and spread a little too much for my liking. You may have to experiment. Next I put the white sprinkles on (just like the picture) but colored ones would look awesome too.

I like how they turned out, some better than others. But all different, just like real trees!

I was going for a bottle brush tree with the one on the right......

This is one that the chocolate was very warm and it bled together.

I love them! After you have them made you need to let them sit to harden up. I placed them outside on the porch table and they were ready in no time.
Hopefully I will remember to take a picture of the cake on Christmas!

Sunday my daughter, Caitlin and granddaughter, Maddy took me for my birthday, out to dinner and to see the Nutcracker. It has become a annual tradition that I love. Every year we compare notes about costumes, dancers and our favorite dance (mine is Waltz of the Flowers) and how it is the same or changed. It was a lovely evening.

Every year we get more and more cards with pictures of families on them. I love that and it lets us all see how everyone's family is growing. This card is an amazing work of art with so much detail I just love it.

This one is from a quilting friend, Ellen. I just think it is so sweet and now that I am all about those Putz houses it reminds me of them. It would also be an adorable quilt.
What are your last minute things to do this week?