Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Growing up I can remember my mother doing big time cleaning in the spring and fall. Do people still do that now a days? I am a person who LOVES a clean house but does not enjoy cleaning. My sister Flynn and I recently had a conversation that a dirty/messy house can put us into a really crummy mood. If you ever watch the show "Hoarders" I think there may be something to it, on a much grander scale.
Enter my laundry you can see from above it is a great space, large, bright and in need of a good cleaning. Let me "come clean" this was taken as I started pulling out all the stuff in there. It does not look like this all the time, wink wink.

But there was this.......

and I airing my dirty laundry? Sorry I could not resist.
My goal was not to make it look like Martha Stewart was coming over with the white glove. Just clean and a little more organized.

I even hung up some quilts to make it more inviting. The box on the upper shelf contains my dyeing supplies, not beautiful but functional. To keep it real, dirty and CLEAN laundry for your viewing pleasure!

This was made for me when I was pesident of Calico Cutters. My board each made a signed block and then my friend Cheryl put them all together in an old window. I love it and this was a nice sized wall to put it on. I had to take it down when I reorganized my sewing room.

I could have put all my different laundry products in glass jars etc, but then I would have no idea what was what so it will remain functional and not so pretty. Ok, House Beautiful won't be knocking on the door any time soon,but it is clean. I am contemplating going throught the rest of the house and doing the same thing. It really does feel good, I think I just might be on a roll....... I do have one question though, how does the inside of a washing machine get dirty?



  1. It looks super! Well done! I envy you that you have an actual laundry room, I have only a laundry closet. I've always wanted a huge laundry room where I could fold, iron, and mend and have lots of storage too.

  2. I think the room looks great! someday I would love to have a real laundry room too! yes I would have quilts hanging in it too! Yes I still do a spring cleaning and a fall cleaning it helps getting those things done you put off sometimes!

  3. This is fantastic - I'm so envious! asfor putting your laundry and cleaning products into "nice jars" - puhleeze. That is just ridiculous. You have a beautiful and FUNCTIONAL space that any of us would kill for! well done!

  4. I wonder the same thing every time I have to clean mine out! Your laundry room looks great, I wish mine was that big.

  5. Love the window framed blocks! Genius!

  6. What a great idea to hang the quilts in the laundry room! I would have never thought of that!
    Clean Laundry room.. I should put that on my 'to do' list this week.

  7. Very cool! I can so relate. Makes me think I need to get in there and clean my laundry room, too! After all, we don't want to be hoarders. I watch the show to keep from getting there.

  8. Wow, you have a great laundry room! And now it looks so clean and useful. I love the quilts you've hung in your laundry room. I only have a "pass-thru" room from the hallway to the garage for my laundry space, but I'll have to find some of my small quilts to hang in there. It would definitely cheer it up and make it more pleasant to be in there.

    I used to do fall cleaning in Calif. After having all the windows open all summer, the house really needed cleaning. Now, I try to avoid cleaning as much as possible! But, I try also try to avoid the hoarder style of "decorating" too. *grin*

  9. I remember my Mom doing the spring cleaning. usually she sent us outside so we were out of her way.
    I love having a clean house and organized spaces, but the cleaning part...not so in love with.
    Your laundry room looks great. Good job.

  10. I'm like you - love a clean house, don't really love to clean. My daughter came over two weeks ago to spend the day cleaning for me (we take care of her dog, it was a little payback). I figured she would vacuum and dust, the usual. Well she took everything out of my kitchen cabinets and deep cleaned. When she told me I almost cried! What a nerd...well done by the way, it looks great! I love the quilt with the poppies on it!

  11. looks great! it always feels good to clean and organize!

  12. Are we separated at birth? I've been spending part of each day cleaning, cleaning and cleaning.
    I would kill for a laundry room like this - it's looks great.
    I also have a quilt in mine, it always makes me smile.
    As for lovely matching glass containers, give me a break, you'd have to make perfectly typeset labels for them. I'm so glad you are real.

  13. It looks fabulous.I immediately started thinking.... paint...that,s what my laundry room needs..Oh and the quilt on the cover of Quiltmania.
    Kit on it's way as we speak.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  14. Your laundry looks very inviting. Great idea to hang some of your quilts in there. Love the sunshine streaming in.

  15. looks great, my washer sits in a pan, wish I could move it. miss my old laundry room I now have a closet. the quilt window looks great there. I love blue and white in a laundry room. so clean and fresh looking.

  16. Ahh... doesn't it feel good to come clean! (pun intended). Your before and after pictures are great, and we all feel good seeing them because they're so real. Actually, I'm completely envious of your large and bright laundry room! I'd be spending the necessary time on ironing with no problem. You can feel sorry for me in a dark, unfinished basement. Count your blessings dearie, even the ones that mean work!

  17. Kelly, You are my kinda girl!! I loved this post. You have a very nice, roomy laundry room, my friend! Hope that you are feeling much better by now....I'm behind on my blog reading...missed you!!


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