Friday, March 2, 2012

Diary Quilt Tuesday On Friday

This is my block representing our getaway. I wanted to include everyone in my block because it is everyone that makes this a fun and successful time. They really are the nicest group of people and EVERYONE gets along! How great is that?

This is one of the things I worked on while I was there. These are the leaves I made with the Petals Galore ruler. I think this will be finished and put into the Calico Cutters Guild auction. One of my bees is making a basket and we are all making things for it. It is 18 x 18 but I think this could be a nice large quilt too. Put it on the list......

Here is my 12 x 12 challenge for the month of February, sans binding. I used all my scraps and just started much fun and perfect to do around a lot of chaos.

I also started a zig zag quilt. I have been wanting to make one for a while. A draw back to being at a getaway is no design wall. Some of my zigs have no zag......the contrast is just not right. I may just stop here and start all over, I really want to see those zig zags.

How cute is this? I found this online and just knew it would be perfect for spring.

Tamar the owner, wrapped it up all pretty and included her information on this cute little card. You can look at all her goodies here Go check it out right now, you know you want something for spring, it's just around the corner.

Thank you for all the get well wishes. I am still sick and going to the Dr's today. I am thinking I have bronchitis.



  1. oh la la....nice on all accounts. awaiting dr. report!

  2. Wow. I absolutely love everything you are making!

  3. What a great idea to get everyone's signatures!!! Youre really working on fabulous projects!!! I love Zig ZAg quilts and your scrappy zig zag is awesome!!! But I see what you mean about it not being ziggy enough if that's what you want. I keep saying it but get better soon, You have lots of wonderful sewing to do!!

  4. Lots of goof things. Feel better.

  5. Great idea to collect all the signatures! And I love your 12" challenge, the log cabin block. And the zig zag too. I like it with some high contrast, and some low contrast (no zag).

  6. Oh Kelly, I am looking forward to more on your zigzag quilt. It's going to be a gorgeous quilt!
    Can't wait to see that 12x12 in person. Soon I hope!

  7. I love everything as usual, lol. I like that some of the zigs and zags are not such a strong contrast, it's interesting to look at.

  8. You are so creative, Kelly! I especially like your a large quilt, I think what you have done would blend in nicely...keep going!

  9. great calendar block and I love your challenge block - so free and fun!
    all your work looks great and I take it you are feeling better

  10. thanks for becoming a "follower" on my blog. I love your necklace and am off to check out her site. I'm in need of a few pretty things this spring.

  11. oh geez, and i forgot to say that i love your petals ... might have to be a little block that i somehow squeeze in .. maybe for our sofa.


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