Monday, March 19, 2012

Quilt Show Loot

Last week was the Lancaster Quilt show. It is usually a nice show and some really amazing quilts are entered. The winners were spectacular and all I can say is I need some work on my machine quilting! I don't know how they can do some of the things they do....I guess that is why they are winners.
Besides the quilts I look forward to the vendors, come on admit it you do too. This year was a little disappointing. Not very many vendors and nothing new! Do you think it is the economy?

I have looked everywhere for a 15 degree wedge and did find one. The little snips on the right are one of my favorite tools. I love using them for applique and got another pair to keep next to the machine. The flower head pins are my favorite as they are very thin.

It is also the place to get my Aurifil thread. It is so fun to look at all the colors, but at $9.98 a pop I got the ones I know I needed. So compared to most years I came home with almost nothing or maybe I have everything???!!!

Today I am off to pick up my quilt from the quilter. I am anxious to show it and will as soon as I am allowed. Now I am sort of in limbo trying to decide what to work on.
Enjoy this beautiful spring day!



  1. have to laugh, we bought a lot of the same things.
    I was so disappointed too that there wasn't a book booth - that really hurt!

  2. Looks like you got great stuff. Love the blue fabrics.
    This week the Sewing Expo will be near me. They are adding more quilting since we no longer have any of the big shows around here. I will be going for fun on Thursday and working there on Saturday. Hope my feet hold up.

  3. Check out sues sew ez in Wyoming. She has all her aurafil at 35-40% off. Great service! Tell her jan in ky sent you. She's going out of business and it breaks my heart!


  4. I have wondered the same thing lately when I go to quilt shows. Do the vendors truly have nothing new or do I just have too much stuff!

  5. I'm glad you went to the show, and honestly, I've adjusted my thinking and attitude about them, intentionally choosing to focus on the show, not the vendors. You and I have an affinity for Aurifil, don't we? It's my favorite go-to thread. Expensive though, yes!

  6. I wonder if it costs the vendors too much to be at shows, it's the case here. You got some nice bits and pieces.


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