Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Bow Tie

I finally got around to getting this quilted. After much deliberation on which design to do, I went with my first idea and am glad I did.
I have found that using Auriful 40 weight thread and a stitch length of 4 on my Bernina is a good fit. You might want to give it a try and see if you like it too.
If you don't remember from a previous post, all the bow ties are made with vintage feed sacks. All the backgrounds use new, low volume type fabrics.

I like to hang a piece of fabric on my design wall and put the quilt on top to simulate a binding. I stand back and decide if I like it or not. This was my first pick and it's winner. It looks black but it is dark gray, kind of like charcoal.

Here you can see the quilting better. It in no way has perfectly straight lines (though I tried). I am hoping when I throw it in the washer and drier, they will look better.

The pink fabric on the back was in my stash. It's called Glamping by MODA. It adds to the vintagey feel of the front.

Isn't this little sewing kit adorable with all those dots?

My friend, Stephanie gave it to me for collecting her fabrics in our 10" fabric swap at the Penn Oaks Guild. She has a good excuse, she is in China! Thanks Stephanie!

This is one of her picks, spools!  Isn't it cute?

I loved all the comments on the subject of reading (or maybe not reading) books in the last post. Thanks for putting your thoughts out there for all of us to read.
What it is they say on Reading Rainbow??? Reading is FUNdamental!

A few of the comments I could  not respond to because you are a no reply commenter. If you want to change that go HERE  If you are a no reply commenter you might want to consider changing it because of alot of giveaways rely on being able to contact you. Plus bloggers are able to respond directly to your comments.



  1. I love this quilt, such wonderful fabrics, including the binding and backing. Your quilting suits it perfectly. That is such a cute sewing kit!

  2. Such a bright and cheery quilt. I love feedsacks. Your quilting looks fine to me. Great idea on auditioning binding fabric.

  3. Your bow ties are fabulous. The fabrics are bright and energized. The quilting design was a great choice, easy, yet allows the bow ties to be the stars.

  4. I love your bow ties quilt! I especially like the combo of the modern lighter backgrounds with the feed sacks. And your quilting looks great. Washing and drying will hide a lot of less-than-perfect quilting lines. I'm always amazed at how much doing that changes the look of a finished quilt. It's good to remember when I'm stressing about my lack of quilting skill.

  5. I love the bowties! They just make me smile. The quilting looks great Kelly

  6. The bow tie quilt looks wonderful with the mix of fabrics. The quilting looks great too.

  7. I love this quilt AND your quilting! Just perfect! And so is the adorable sewing kit purse from Stephanie!

  8. Another fantastic finish!!! Way to start the new year.

  9. Great work on this quilt. Yes, the quilting is just right. I like your choice of binding. Another finish in sight!

  10. This quilt makes me SO HAPPY. I love everything about it The quilting is a wonderful design and I wouldn't have thought of it.
    The backing so super cute and goes perfectly -
    what a winner - who gets it?

  11. I love this quilt! May i ask what size your blocks are? They look very small to me...such wonderful fabrics! Your backing is just perfect with what you have going on in the top. Great start to your New Year.

  12. I have just today finished a class on Craftsy about quilting with the walking foot (tutor:Jacquie Gering). She says that we should strive to be perfectly imperfect! We are not machines and can't expect our work to look machine made, otherwise what's the point?


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