Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Funk

I need to see some green on this once again gray day. I can't seem to wake up this week and it's getting old. I guess I am in hibernation mode.
I decided to start getting my fabrics together for the maples leaves quilt that I will make at the getaway.

Two sets was all I could manage and I am not even sure I like the oranges.

When all else fails, move on to another project......
Do you ever draft your own patterns? Some people are very daunted by the idea. It is pretty simple, especially when it is an easy block. I have wanted to make a cross quilt for a long time so I drafted the pattern to the size I liked, 6" x 10".

I am looking to make black crosses with some low volume backgrounds for a very contemporary look.

At first I wanted all the low volume fabrics to be pure white. That wasn't going to work because I didn't have enough and it felt too sterile. I added in some that were a little warmer in tone. This is going to be a lot of fabric to cut........but it will give me the look I want. Now that I am looking at it, the two on the left (scissors and circles) are too much.

Today I stopped into my LQS  The Quilt Block, and decided to get this very helpful booklet. I can never remember the measurements for some quick blocks. For example quarter square triangles, you cut the squares 1 1/4" larger than the finished size. Now I don't need to even try to remember. I know there are apps for your phone but trust me, if this is in my sewing room right next to the machine I will find it faster than looking on the phone.
Now I just need to focus, maybe next week!



  1. Getting a little cabin fever here in Podunk also. Like you I run for the bright fabrics to brighten my world. I've not seen that book before, it would be a handy tool, I'm always looking up quilty math online.

  2. Some weeks are just like that. At least you are having fun making fun piles of fabrics, and planning quilts.

  3. I haven't seen that book before! Will have to check it out. I have an older book of Sharyn Craigs that I use ALL the time for the formulas. If I couldn't draft my own blocks and patterns, I'd be going crazy.:) Love seeing your green fabrics especially. I have been pulling some greens out lately too. Must be the mid winter gray days that make us want something cheery!

  4. I was in a funk this week too...

  5. I actually read it as Funky Friday at first! I think there is a touch of dyslexia with me! Anyway I can so... relate to "Not Feeling The Love", however that just means your brain is resting and will be exploding any day now with creative feelings! I Promise!!!!

  6. Love your greens Kelly - and have fun at your retreat. I'm thinking of creating a retreat at home, for me and my friends. Need some fun on a cold gray February Saturday !

  7. Yeah Jan. and Feb are month I have to light a fire under my butt, lol

  8. great greens and nice b&w prints. I don't have enough white backgrounded prints. Your new project sounds great.
    I have a laminated chart I use all the time for figuring cutting triangles, etc.

  9. Thanks for the book reference - this is EXACTLY the book I have been looking for (or wishing someone would write!).

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  11. I just love your assortment of low volume prints, especially those little glasses. I can't wait to see your blocks. Thanks so much for great book tip, I got a lovely Quilt Block GC for my birthday so I know what I want now!! Enjoy your getaway!!

  12. Wow those wonderful greens and oranges! Have a great Sunday Kelly!

  13. Love the greens! And you idea for the low volume quilt sounds wonderful. I can't wait to see it. It bet once you get with your friends the funk will go away. We all have those days when all we want to do is sit, watch TV, and eat chocolate!

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  15. All I want to do is nap too:) Some winters are definitely harder than others. Your collection of prints is gorgeous and this quilt is going to be another beauty. Thanks too for the book tip!

  16. I have been having insomnia so I end up feeling tired all day and night. It is not fun. And then there is the blizzard here today. NOt making me feel energetic.
    Love your greens, and the oranges too. Your collection of neutrals is just fantastic. I always want color and more color, so I end up never having any backgrounds. I never learn.


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