Friday, March 30, 2012



1. the state of existing in space before the eye: 

2. the state of one's ideas, the facts known to one, etc., in having a meaningful interrelationship
I chose to use these two definitions in my blog post today.

Today was grandparent's day at my grandson, Griffin's school. How did he get to be 7 already? From my perspective he is still a baby. Where is time going? They read us all a poem that was very sweet. You just got to love a first grader!

Elliot is on the left, he is almost 5. The principal thought he was already in kindergarten (her perspective), again I still feel like he is a baby too! In all fairness they are both very tall for their ages and everyone thinks they are older than they really are....but still!
They were asked to make a picture using  pattern.....his perspective, I on the other hand am thinking quilt patterns.
One of his classmates had no grandparents at school today. I wondered why, were they working? were they no longer here? What was her perspective on the whole "grandparents day"?
I felt the need to adopt her for the morning and had her read to me and helped her with the word search. She drew me a picture of a lizard. She did such a good job, look at the detail. Do I see a quilt pattern there? I love how she drew the eyes.
My friend Cheryl made a book of her trip to Israel. Isn't the cover cool? She loves to embellish.
This was her perspective of the trip, lucky her to make it into something that is an awesome keepsake.
It has been a long sad week. Not a lot of sewing got done but I need to put things into perspective and know that sometimes it needs to take a back seat. Like way back, in the old station wagons of the 60s where you looked out the back window.... Life is going on all around and sometimes I think I am not paying attention. Time is whizzing by, my perspective, today.


  1. What a moving post. How lovely of you to "adopt" another grandchild. The lizard and your friend's book are both fantastic... So sorry you had a long sad week...

  2. Grandparent days are such fun at school. When I was teaching we always organised to have some adopted grandparents to step in as we knew not every child could have someone there. It was greatly appreciated, so I know that you taking this little girl under your wing would have been greatly valued.
    I hope you have had time to reflect on your week and can see some sunshine coming your way.

  3. Very poignant post - hope the sun starts shining for you soon! So sweet of you to adopt that little girl - I went to my daughter's grandparents day one time (years ago). Our parents lived a couple states away, and I think only one of them was still living by that time, too, and unable to attend. I remember it as a very special day, when the grandparents told what it was like when they were in the 5th grade. They had those days every year and our folks could never come - you're lucky you live close by and can see your beautiful grandkids so often. :)

  4. Life plays it's own bag of tricks. Sometimes, It is nice to sit back and look at it from distance.

    Lovely post today Kelly, a nice way to start my morning. I know that the sadness is going to linger for a while. Hugs to you and yours.

  5. very touching post today -
    Made me stop and think and probably changed my perspective today.
    how lovely of you to step in for the child who didn't have grandparents at school.
    You have a generous soul -

  6. Great post today. My daughter would have been that little girl, it brings tears to my eyes to think of it. So on behalf of all those little ones who don't have grandparents I thank you.
    Her drawing would make a neat quilt.

  7. I can feel your heaviness, my friend. But grandchildren do put that into perspective. They let you know that there is sweetness and purity in life. Luck you and lucky them that you liuve close enough to be an integral part of their lives.

  8. Its the little things that make a difference in peoples lives. I still remember nice things that were done for me as a child. I know she will remember you..

  9. I really like your perspective in this post. I this it's great that there's Grandparents Day! We didn't have that when I was young. I like the way you "adopted" the little girl and she drew that amazing lizard for you. I bet your grandsons will be babies to you for a long while yet!

  10. We called that spot in the back of the station wagon: The back of the back! I share your desire for perspective ..thank you for sharing. I attended grandparents day with my little Haven last week and again next Friday with fun. I love being a grandma!

  11. That lizard would make the best appliqué!


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