Friday, November 12, 2010


This is part of what I am making with my fabrics. It is yet another applique quilt in which I have been collecting the patterns for over a year. It is a series called Beyond The Cherry Tree. You can check out the blog for people who are making the quilt here

This was the first block I made last winter, I actually never finished it and promptly put it away because I did not like using solids and had moved on to another project. Now that I have found the fabrics I love I think it will be a go!
I know it seems like I am jumping around from project to project but I have not really sewn in about 3 1/2 months. I also went to a rehab place today to work on my memory and other things that aren't "quite right". One the of the things she talked about was my "attention" to stick with one thing for any amount of time. So for now I am just going to jump around and do what I want until I am "cured".

Today I spent 2 HOURS waiting to get my license renewed!!!There were 54 people ahead of me when I got there!!! I had NOTHING to do because, heaven forbid they should have a magazine or a newspaper, and they kicked a mom and her little kids out because NO FOOD allowed in the building, said the man with a candy bar in one hand and the biggest soda I ever saw in the other!  I never dreamed it would take that long. So be warned bring a book or some stitching...... OK I am done venting. At least we only have to do it every 4 years ( :



  1. This is so exciting! It will be beautiful.

  2. Kelly,
    I love that pattern! did you collect all the blocks? I have some and am planning to make that quilt someday..You block looks beautiful!
    As far as the DMV.. oh I don't ever like to got there. no matter which state we have lived in.. too cold of a place.

  3. Gorgeous red and green blocks Kelly. Oh getting your license renewed sounds awful! And no, you don't want to think of all the stitching you could have got done in that time!!! xo

  4. I have also been collecting these blocks but haven't started yet.
    I like your fabric choices.

  5. I have been collecting too!
    oh my love your new block
    so happy, what a great collection of polka dot fabrics you have!

  6. I'm with you Kelly ~ I'm not much for solids when it comes to quilting. Loving what you're doing, it really makes a difference when you use fabric you love!


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