Sunday, November 21, 2010

Can You Say "Focus Girl"?

This is a basket quilt that I started (yes another project) last winter (but NOT a challenge). It was in the dead of winter and we had lots of snow. This was a bright and cheery project in all that blinding white snow that just seemed to hang on forever!
I sort of like how they don't all stand out and how some blend a little bit more than others.

These are 3 of my favorites and some of my favorite colors.

There are only a few baskets left to applique. Now to decide how to set the blocks. I am looking to make this maybe twin size and the first thought was to do all the blocks as baskets. Now I am leaning towards setting the blocks with some pieced blocks just to get it done. A 4 patch or 9 patch or it is that too predictable? Anyone care to make a suggestion?



  1. Ooh, I love them all! And they're set so beautifully already. But they also look great tipped on their sides, as if they're dancing. Maybe you could try some pinwheels mixed in with dancing baskets.

  2. The fabrics are delicious and so happy! What a neat shape for the basket and stem. So glad that I have found your blog, such an inspiration for fun! Love, Em

  3. Love your baskets and fabrics!
    How big are the blocks? If they are small (4") you could just use squares the same size. If they are bigger, you could piece them. I think something simple like a 4 patch is good. Or sash it. You don't want to take away from the pretty baskets!
    I agree you should get it done - its too pretty to sit in a drawer.

  4. I would say an hourglass block and then you will have a secondary design sometimes, stars through outthe quilt
    they are adorable baskets.
    I have a basket quilt in progress of all different size and shape baskets,
    chunky little ones like this too!
    Kathie who maybe better get those out and finish that quilt soon!

  5. I've seen lots of basket quilts but never one done in brights like this - I love it! How many more blocks do you need to make it the size you want? My choice would be several different geometric blocks, maybe three different patterns - four patch, shoo fly, and flying Dutchman, just for example - mixed in randomly. But not knowing how many you need, that might not work. And the block size would matter, too. You don't want the other blocks to be too fussy and detract from the baskets. This is going to be awesome when you finish!

  6. Those colours are fabulous. That is such a cheery quilt. It would definitely brighten a snowy day!!

  7. I love your basket quilt! I so have this on my list of quilts I must do. Someday! Love it and your fabric choice!


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