Tuesday, March 31, 2020


I seriously cannot keep track of the days, they are all swirling together. I am forgetting things because I am never sure what day it is......

I am going to try and applique the virus away. For some reason I am not called to be in my sewing room. I love this red and green together, it's a favorite combination of mine. The pink half square triangle pouch is a gift from my friend Stephanie.

How pretty is this little bud, it's easy to sew too.

I have tried and like the new Aurifil 80 weight thread that I am using for applique. Have you tried it?

So are you unfocused too or is it just me? Last night we got the word that we are now on the list of indefinite, instead of April 30th as to when things will open. I have a feeling school is out for the year.

Thank you for all the nice compliments on my quilt top. I wanted to share this one with you from QuiltGranma.

"It looks like a very happy quilt! Like a family that came together but are not blood relations, they fit well together and play nice. Happy, happy that they have a home now, and are no longer orphans!"

I just wanted to say I could not answer your email because your email does not come through to me. This happens so if you don't hear from me this is why. This made me so happy and lightened the day! I think you are right!



  1. indefinite... that's the reason we're all so unfocused... the unknowing. From what I hear from my friends around the globe, it's the prevailing condition. Unable to focus. I think like when you're grieving you find a moment or ah hour to focus on anything. Then for that hour your soul rests a bit. Safety is a basic human need underlying all the others, and safety is missing now.
    I see what you're making though, it shows your strength of will to make despite the uncertainty, your focus for the moment. It is good Kelly. None of us is really ourselves right now, and it's a blessing to see something of beauty here. LeeAnna

  2. It is a very happy looking quilt. Very spunky looking. I am always intrigued by the colors you use and the wonderfully happy, joyful look to so many of your quilts.:)

  3. Thank you, and again I say Happy Happy! at this time we need to look to the possibilities, the encouragement we can give, the diversions of our mind from this isolation. Enjoy your flowers if you grow any, consider planting a food garden, count your blessings! I am blessed with a loving husband who gets happy when he sees that I am being creative. I am blessed with a loving God, who keeps our (broken) washing machine still working, a roof over our heads.


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