Monday, March 23, 2020

Is It Monday?

This is not all of them!
 So what is everyone up to? Sewing a like a maniac or not sure what to do? I find myself walking around my house and not being able to focus. I have done some sewing but not a lot. I decided that was going to change today.
I save all my orphan blocks. I also save all the snowball ends of blocks that become half square triangles. I have a lot of leftover blocks!

Yesterday I grabbed a bunch of them and layed them out. I did not have enough room! I have made an orphan block quilt a couple of times and I love them.

Half square triangles on the left and random patches on the right.

The funny thing is I am not sure why I even made these! They are not leftovers......but they were in the leftover box.

Once they were pressed I could see the potential.

Lots of these 4 patches too. I do know where these came from. I made too many, not necessarily a problem.

This one falls in the catagory, what was I thinking?????

I love these mini kisses. I had an idea I would make a bunch.....that did not happen.

Look! I had some 4 patches that would go with them and make a mini quilt! I love when this happens.

This was from a paper piecing demo. I am in love with it all over again!

Some old applique popped up. I need to figure out what to do with this....

Maybe it will play nicely with this block......

Or this block.......

I joined the Baltimore Applique Society when it first formed back in the 1990's. There was a swap. Truthfully I think these blocks are not very "me".

This one is kind of nice but I don't like the metallic gold. They may play together with those other "older" blocks. Lots of choices. Notice the date, 1995.

Are you making masks? I am making these for my sister in law who is a pharmacist. Tula Pink fabric, nothing but the best for her!

So here is a potential quilt that I made with some of my orphan blocks. It is just a suggestion and not the final product. As you can see there are a lot of half square triangles, I have hundreds!!! I like how it frames the composition.
For me stress is zapping my creativity. This is a fun and easy way to work that makes me feel successful. Baby steps. Are you feeling the same way?

So far all of my Corona Virus quarantine experiences have not been bad at all. I had to go to the grocery store last week. I went early, at 8:00 am. The lines went all the way to the back of the store, there were 20 cashiers. There were 50+ in line for the beer and wine aisle, it wrapped around the store and then some! Everyone was pleasant, no one argued and most went out of their way to be polite. That could all change.....we just found out school is closed for 2 more weeks (mid April) and we are now going to be on the next level of stay at home order by our governor where you can only go out for emergencies, food and medicine. It goes into effect tonight.

Maybe that quilt will get made! I'll be sure to post it if it does.



  1. Schools in VA are closed for the rest of the year! I'm very happy that my children are adults.

  2. Do I recognize that appliqué block in your possible orphan quilt? I recollect you wanted to make Blackbird Designs' "The Raven" in bright colors (I remember because I bought the pattern with the same thought in mind). Whatever - I love the orphan block layout! And I can totally relate to your difficulty in staying focused. I find it easier to make myself a list of tasks to accomplish and try to work through them. Being creative/inspired right now is not easy, but assembling blocks or stitching down binding, or just hand quilting is definitely soothing.

  3. I am definitely having the same problems with indecision and not accomplishing much. I have so many projects already started and lots more I would love to make, and plenty of fabric, and now lots of time, and yet I seem to be in a rut with not much progress being made. Stress is definitely sapping my creativity. I may make some masks too but am having a hard time finding elastic - every place is sold out for miles around. Also, on my list is to make some kennel quilts to donate to pet shelters. They're very simple to make and I have all of the necessary supplies. I even have some already cut out - definitely going to start on this today and the masks.

  4. Thank you for sharing! There is comfort in shared experiences, even in lack of creativity experiences. Love your orphan block layout. Again, thank you for pushing forward with your blog.

    1. Kara I am sorry I did not reply to you via email but your email did not come through.
      Hopefully I will be blogging more. I worked on the orphan block quilt today and made real porgress! Thank you for commenting!

  5. Looks like you are having so much fun with your UFO bits and pieces. Gwen and Freddie call that "The Parts Department".
    Love love your leftover quilt - keep going - its' wonderful.
    Stay well. We have not experienced lines at the food shops here thank goodness.

  6. you seem to always see the bright side. Your orphan blocks, most of them, go together since you have a colorway style nowadays. That's cool! I like the serendipity of making the puzzle go together. As to the Baltimore applique... well you've changed!! I found a lot of blocks recently that showcase how my tastes have changed too. I betcha those Baltimore society people might love to get your blocks sent to them, heh heh, unless you still love them of course. Style is so individual. I like your happy colors now myself, and great job overcoming the stress to produce.

  7. I love your orphan quilt! What fun. Stay well

  8. Going to the Parts Department I am sure you will make something amazing out of these! Enjoy your stay-cation, and enjoy the creativity of fiddling with what you have. We WILL make it through this. Personally I am basically a recluse, don't like large crowds, so not much has changed with my retired life in these present weeks, except for not going TO church, but watching online now. I also have plenty of books to read, so won't miss the library being closed.

  9. I thought about pulling out the orphan blocks and giving it a try, but mine aren't nearly as interesting as yours are! lol That last quilt effort is amazing! Love that applique bird block in the middle. So eye catching. I've only had one experience out and about shopping that felt like I was being judged harshly. I only bought a couple things that didn't look 'urgent' but what the lady didn't know was that I actually went there to buy toilet paper etc. and they were all out! So I'm sure my pickles and whatnot looked frivolous. What else am I going to eat with my canned tuna? lol

  10. So much fun here! I love those appliqué blocks and I keep seeing those masks. I need to make some.


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