Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Skinny Mail and Tastykakes

I participated in a skinny pin cushion swap over at Amy's blog, Amy Made That. It was a fun swap and look at the cool pin cushion I got from Carol over at The Polkadot ChickenI love the heart button and the faux ruler is great too.

Here's the back.

Carol sent along some goodies, let's just say that chocolate is no longer around....

and this adorable hand made card, with stitching along the edge. Thank you so much again Carol!

Today is the 100th birthday of Tastykakes. Every kid had one of these in their lunch box when I was growing up. It is a company that is based in Philadelphia and is not sold around the country, it's a regional delight! The Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes is their best selling product which really surprised me.

I thought for sure it was the Krimpet. These are still in our home even though the kids are gone. My husband eats them every day. Have you ever tasted one? I had relatives that asked us to send boxes to them in Illinois. Don't even compare them to Hostess!
Happy Birthday Tastykake!



  1. Oh! Oh! I just WANT everything!! Who wouldn't LOVE that skinny minny pincushion!?
    That wuz sum good mail...

  2. Hi Kelly - I'm glad you liked the pincushion -- I checked the scale of that tape measure fabric and it is pretty accurate -- I was surprised as I bought another tape measure fabric for my ironing board and it is not even close to a real inch - oh live and learn. I remember TastyKakes from when I lived in PA -- long time ago -- I did enjoy them -- have a great day!

  3. I love your skinny pinny!! The card is fabulous too. I've never heard of Tastykakes and krimpets.. The names are so cute and funny. I guess we have Tim tams and iced vovos that sound funny.

  4. Your skinny pin cushion is lovely.
    Looks like another local delicacy for me to try on my next visit - Tastykakes. I will have to look out for them.

  5. What a nice swap with Carol - Her card is really nice.
    Tastykakes? uh oh, I grew up on hostess hohos, ding dongs and susie Qs. I have to admit I've never tried them, not sure I should incase I like them.

  6. I sure know Tastykakes! Once in a while I can find them in Illinois, but always bring them back from Buffalo, New York, when we visit. Have found them in Florida as well! The three pack of chocolate cupcakes were my favorite!

  7. Your skinny pinny swap was a great swap. Plus all the other wonderful treats.

  8. Love the skinny pincushion with the cute button and tape measure! Yummmmmmmmmm....Tastykakes -Kandy Kakes & Butterscotch Krimpets. My daughter was thrilled when Tasty Kakes & Mrs. T's Pierogies appeared in TX while she lived there. Comfort food from PA!

  9. Your pincushion is really cute. And who doesn't love getting other goodies?
    I have heard of Tasty Kakes, but I don't think I have ever had one. They look yummy.

  10. Congrats on the great mail and pincushion swap! The pinny is really cute - and I loved the one you made too. It inspired me and I've made two of them (still stuffing & sewing up) That chocolate wouldn't last long at my house either!

    Never heard of Tasty Kakes, but they sound yummy. Darn, and my hubby was just in PA last week! Oh well, I might like them and then I'd be in trouble. hee hee!

  11. Like your pin cushion. That number fabric is perfect on it. No. I've never heard of or tasted Tasty Kakes. I'll just have to imagine how good they are!


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