Monday, February 24, 2014

Good Monday Morning

Good Morning! Yesterday I came home from our quilt getaway and am ready to greet the new week. It is amazing how just a little break from life and can get you into a different frame of mind. It helps that the sun is coming up earlier and staying light later, even if snow is predicted this week.

Every one had a good time and lots of work was accomplished.

I think the award of the weekend goes to Denise who made this quilt in time for a baby shower that was held yesterday  Talk about cutting it close! Yeah Denise!

I got 5 more FW blocks made.

Love this one!

I am not correcting the mistake in this one. It adds character....

I got half of these blocks completed and have plans to get them finished this week.

I also am about 3/4 the way through these. They took longer than I thought but were still pretty easy to do.

I won these in the Chinese Auction.

There was some shopping too. Lesson learned, look at the fabric your friends pick out before you check out. Stephanie had this in her pile when I spotted it. The line was about 15 people deep so I decided to skip it. She was nice enough to share a piece with me.

I also found this favorite in gray.

I am now in charge of our unofficial mascot, Max. He has been with us now for about 18 years??
I will warn you now, if you are easily offended don't look at the next picture. Why is he wearing a vest you ask?

Are you shocked? We quilters can get a little wild!



  1. Glad you had a fun getaway! Looks like you got a lot done. Yea, don't fix your block,I love it.
    OMG Max, what a hoot. Didn't know men wore pasties. ha ha
    such cute fabrics! welcome back to earth, hope it's sunny by you all week.

  2. Love your blocks..the colors just make me smile. Looks like you had a very productive time. And lots of fun if Max is any indication. :)

  3. Sounds (looks) like fun! lol That's a perfect character 'oops' to leave in your block.:)

  4. Your FW blocks are the best! Theyre so bright and fun! I love that you have a cake celebrating your quilty getaway and Max is hilarious!!!

  5. THANKS FOR THE LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would love a Max of my own, but he doesn't have all of the necessary anatomical parts. ;-D

  6. Welcome back! Max is funny! Is he going to make an appearance here some day? I will have an extra chair for him :) Your blocks are great. It's going to such a happy quilt. And question for you - how many seasons have you had that orchid behind Max? It looks beautiful. Mine just starting to bud. I have managed to kill successfully many other so I am excited about this one.. Want to know what you do for them to survive.

  7. I can tell you definitely had a good time at your retreat! :-) Is alcohol permitted too?! Your FW block progress is great, even the goofed-up block. I retreat is so refreshing, isn't it? I haven't been on one for more than two years now. The quilting groups I'm in don't plan them. But there's a modern retreat coming up in May, about two hours from me. Hope to go, if I can find someone else to go who can drive. I can't comfortably take our (one) car for four days and leave the hubs without transportation. Hope you have a fun, snowless week ahead!

  8. Glad you had a nice time and you got a lot done. Love your FW's blocks. Boy would I like to play in your fabric stash!

  9. Oh, that crazy Max! lol Your Farmer's Wife blocks are amazing - I love the prints you've used! I agree with Jane - your stash must be heavenly!

  10. Looks like a really productive weekend, Kelly. Glad you're feeling refreshed!

  11. I love everything you are working on! Those blocks are beautiful! Max is full of surprises isn't he!?!


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