Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lone Star

First a little garden view..... This is a clematis but I am sorry to say I don't remember the name. It is so unique and the stems get long enough that I do cut it and put it in a vase with some hosta leaves.
My garden tip of the week, don't plant Morning Glories in your garden....plant them far, far away! I love them but they are so invasive and they wrap around every plant. I am still pulling them out after planting them 10 years ago. I swear they grow as I am pulling them out!!!

So far the knock out roses are a hit. I may have to get some more. Now to the sewing, such as it is....

I bought this Quilt Smart Lone Star pattern at a quilt show a while back. I have always wanted to make one and did about 10 years ago, it's not finished....I will show you another day...but dreaded lining up all those points. Let's face it if one is off your eye will go right to it.
It is a very light interfacing with a very light fusible on it.

I am making mine red and white. You cut the pieces 2 1/2 x 5 1/2. It is important to cut them pretty exact as it will make it easier to sew. Lay the first piece down and press in place. There are markings that make it really easy to line everything up.

You might need a pressing sheet for the first row. I used it in the beginning but found as I went along it wasn't necessary.

You lay the next color as shown.......lining it up with the dots on the interfacing.

Flip it over and sew right on the line dot to dot. I did pin in the beginning but as I went along I didn't need to.

After you sew, it flip it forward to make sure it is lined up and you sewed it correctly.

I then trimmed the excess as I don't want all that bulk plus I don't want the red to show through.The instructions say you don't have to but I think it its a good idea. Hummmm maybe I should do something with those little triangles....

Press the whte strip down.

Continue in the same manner now with the red. The 2 color system is pretty easy. If you wanted to do a multi color star you might want to make a chart so you don't get mixed up.

Your pattern will emerge and it is "perfect".

Once all the diamonds are done you fold each row right on the dotted line and sew on the solid easy!

Look at that....all lined up! Only 7 more to go.

I will do another post when I put it together. I will be curious to see how it all quilts up with the interfacing in there but I must say it is real light.



  1. That is brilliant! I love Lone Star quilts too, but all that precision sewing is daunting. I might actually make on with this method! I can see those little triangles making a cute tiny hst border!

  2. Pretty clematis! can't wait to see your red and white lone star.. that looks like a big project.

  3. Very neat-o. The precision really is stunning. love the red and white.

  4. I love that...awesome!!!! Thanks for showing this!

  5. The blue clematis flowers are so sweet!! Such a lovely colour. Your lone star method is genius!! Thanks for talking us through the steps. Gosh it's going to look amazing in red and white!

  6. I can't imagine ever being that brave!

  7. Wow, what a neat product! It makes it look like a Lone Star is possible for the average quilter. Great precision, with little pain.

    Your clematis is beautiful! Never seen one like that - it almost looks like a fuschia.

  8. Great idea!!! I love this! Your flowers are lovely!!!

  9. Can't wait to see how this turns out - cuz I have it and haven't done it yet! Thanks for paving the way.


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