Sunday, June 5, 2011

A garden Tour

How cute is this? Today I took a tour of some local gardens that benefited our local library.

This home belongs to an antique dealer who has used all kinds of things to embellish her yard.

I think the sink is cool, but not sure I would put it in my garden. I am a less is more kind of gardener. My husband thought it looked like a trash dump with the bullet trash can there!

Interesting display...there must be no little kids at this house! A shovel, glass, it's just asking to be broken.

What to do with an old baby buggy.....

I love this furniture....

I love the purple and green together.....

There were koi in here.....

A nice tranquil little spot.....

A bottle tree filled with antique colored bottles. The owner told me she heard they are common down south and used to ward off evil spirits.

This was my favorite garden, a little controlled, a little wild, but very soothing. Now I am going to go finish up mine!

This was not on the tour but they took their entire yard and turned it into a garden.

I came across this the other day....a sewing machine that actually hides in the cabinet like a real one. It went with a 1950's metal doll house that was complete with furniture. Except for the fact that it was $68.00 I would have bought it just for this cool little sewing machine!



  1. Those garden photos are fun! I don't mind a few props in the garden. I once used an old wrought iron bed head for a climbing plant to climb on. I liked making joking about it being a garden bed. The little sewing machine is very cute!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the great garden tour with us! I love seeing what other people do in their yards. I wonder if that yard/garden is easier to keep up with than grass??

  3. I had one of those - back in the 50's. Hummmm wish I knew where it went!
    Debbi F.

  4. Pink and green - such a classic color inspiration. Sweet chair!

  5. Ooo, I think I would have enjoyed that tour - even though it is not my style of gardening!

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. What a fun garden tour! The shovel and the windows are pretty funny together....maybe she should have a bucket of old baseballs right there too!

  7. I love garden tours! Interesting ideas but like you, I prefer plants in my garden. That sewing machine is too cute! Stay cool, I hear we are going into another heat wave (just wish we would get a little rain first).
    Hugs, MIckie

  8. gosh, how did I miss this great post!
    I love seeing what others do with their gardens.
    I love the bottle bush. I once made a border by burying blue bottles upside down. It was really cool.


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