Friday, June 24, 2011

One Year Ago---Not A sewing Related Post

This is not about sewing today and is a personal experience, some scary pictures are included.

Do you know where you were one year ago today? Where I live on the East Coast we were in the middle of a very hot heat wave. That day is was 105 and they were predicting bad storms later in the afternoon. My niece was visiting and I took her to get a pedicure and a manicure before she left to fly home the next day. It was a total girl day and we were having a good time chatting away in the car when out of no where the storm hit.

We had what they call "straight line" winds, which are fabulous at taking down trees. One tree in particular fell on my car and my head.

It's weird because I knew what happened immediately. We live along a tree lined road and they are always coming down in storms.

The East Brandywine Fire Company were there in 15 minutes which is amazing for all the trees that were down. They did a wonderful job of getting me out and were exremely kind. The fire chief called me a few months later to see how I was doing. They are all volunteers.......send in your donations, you never know who they are going to save!

Thank God my niece did not even have a scratch. She was able to call 911 and my husband who was working only 2 miles away. It took them 1 1/2 hrs to get me out of the car. As a side note I had a Ford Edge, it absolutely saved my life. We got another one.

 I spent the next week in the hospital with 3 broken vertebrae and a concussion. At that point I did not know that my life would be a roller coaster for the next 9 months. I would wear a neck brace for 3 months, have something called "post concussive disorder" which scrambled my brain, not be able to remember anything and have problems spelling, see a speech therapist, a physical therapist and a psychologist, take medication for depression, deal with the deaths of 2 family members, my level of fitness declined as I was not allowed to exercise or do anything to jar my brain and many more things too tedious to list. But I am alive and that is a great thing!  Only in March did I feel like my life was getting back to normal. I still have a lot of stiffness in my neck and that may never go back to the way it was but I can do just about everything else.
Everything is different now. I really have decided what I want and what I don't want. Small things don't bother me as much anymore and I am trying hard to focus on only the good things. I am eliminating the negative people in my life as well, there is not enough time and there is a lot of good out there.

I also had a wonderful circle of family and friends, who cooked, drove me around (I didn't drive for 5 months!) including taking me to quilt stores, even though I couldn't sew I could shop, and kept me entertained. My husband was a source of strength and encouragement. On some of those dark days he would always make me laugh and tell me we will get through this....notice he said "we", that's why he's my guy!



  1. Dear Kelly,

    I can't help but feel all shaken up inside as I read this post. I did not know you then but I know exactly what day you are talking about. I had all my three out on the road and was thinking of the worst until they came home.
    I am thankful for your health and your life.. You are so right on the important things in life. It puts a greater perspective on family and friends and life in general.
    So happy to have you as my friend.
    Wishing you many more birthdays.
    Love -

  2. Anything I can think of to say seems trite and meaningless in the light of your experience.

    Thank you for sharing what must be painful.

  3. Dear Kelly, Oh my goodness, I have tears in my eyes and a lump in throat. Your comments reminded me, our minister years ago talked about getting rid of toxic people, he called them. Wow what a year you've had - thank you for sharing your harrowing story with all of us. The fact that you can talk about it I think says a lot about the progress that you have made. So thankful you are better! Peace~

  4. Many blessings to you Kelly! What an experience... and I am so glad you came through it with so much wisdom and beauty to share!

  5. OH Kelly, I am so sorry that you had such an ordeal. It is amazing to have read your previous posts and now realize what you have gone through. You are obviously a strong and resiliantly remarkable woman. Thank you for sharing such a positive story.

  6. It's weird how it takes the terrible, tragic events of life to learn these lessons sometimes. But, I understand wholeheartedly, and life truly is good and truly is a blessing. So glad you can focus on the positives today! ***Hug & Kisses**

  7. Kelly -
    What an incredible story. What an incredible experience to go through.
    I'm grateful that you are are doing so well and that we've met.
    We'll have to plan to meet in person again sometime.
    Every day really is a gift.

  8. Don't I recall in an earlier post you referencing a personal crisis led you to blogging? While it's a "terrible awful very bad thing" - I admire your using it to create joy and inspiration for others.

    My best to you and your family. Recovery is hard and it sounds like your recovery is bringing you to a "better" place in some ways.

    I am struggling with letting go of a "friend" that takes too much energy and it's not good energy - even though we are godparents for her only child. Your sharing comes at a good time for me as there are changes ahead in my life and I don't want to get in a energy draining relationship with her again. Life is too short as you have reminded us.

    My best,

    jan from

  9. Wow - Just stumbled onto your blog, and it echoes alot of what I have been thinking re priorities and keeping positive people in my life. I did not suffer an accident like you did - I lost my husband 2 yrs ago, and now look at everything in life differently.
    What an amazing positive spirit you have - thank you for posting your story!
    BTW - I have been thinking of trading in my 11-yr old car for something newer, and the Ford Edge, or the Escape (can't remember which) was recommended as a good deal - why did you like yours?

  10. Dear Kelly, This is weird, I haven't been on in awhile, but we just came from dinner in the worst storm we have ever been in. High winds, heavy rain and huge hail. I came in and switched on the computer and decided to check the blog. I saw those pictures of you again and I still can't believe it. I kept praying on the way home that a tree would not come down on us it was that bad.
    Did not realize today was
    the anniversary of the accident. I am so happy that you have come so far.
    You are so right to surround yourself with those that matter to you I do the same, life is too short . Hugs Joanne

  11. Sharon, I have a Ford Edge and my daughter has a Ford Escape. We have been happy with both. The Edge did save my life, I am thankful I was not in a mini car.

  12. Kelly, I recall you mentioning this accident right about the time I began reading your blog. Wow! What an experience...I am so thankful that you are doing so well and that the Lord spared your life and that of your niece. I hope that this time next year you will be completely healed.

  13. Kelly,
    Reading this has made me teary. I'm so glad you survived, and have made it through what must have been a crazy, frustrating time. You deserve to have such a supportive husband and friends, I know you'd have done the same for them. It's strong of you to share this with us.

  14. Oh Kelly,
    I do think of you each time I'm in the car and a storm comes up. I so glad you are healthy now. As I've heard said some times we need to get hit in the head to put our lives in perspective - but not like happened to you. I can't believe it's been a year, glad you can celebrate.
    Debbi F

  15. Kelly, You have come through so much and the positive energy you have comes through in your creativity and posts. I am so glad you share here online. Riel

  16. I remember that storm as I live in Hatfield. I'm so glad you shared your story and that you are doing better now.
    I'm happy that I discovered your blog and I wish you continued good health.

  17. I had no idea that you were going through all this. So glad that you were in a sturdy vehicle! Yes, suffering does put things in perspective, doesn't it? Sounds like your DH is a sweetie. Take care,

  18. What a story. The photos are so dramatic. I think you must be a very lucky person to have survived that, and your niece must be too. It must have been a difficult year for you, but your tone is always so upbeat. You are doing well.

  19. What an incredibly moving post... Thank you for sharing!

  20. Wow, I am so glad you are doing well. I find myself in a difficult phase of my life right now and wish I had someone who said "We will get through this together." Sometimes it's hard being alone and not well. That's why my quilting is so important. Thanks for directing me to this post at your current giveaway. Gives me hope. :)

  21. Guao! Gracias a Dios lo pudiste contar. Espero que te recuperes pronto.

  22. I''m sorry I didn't know you had this accident. I just read this today (10th of sept 2015). That was really a heavy time and so long!!! Brave of you to talk about it and how you think about life today.
    So glad for you you had your husband and others to be there for you.


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