Monday, June 20, 2011

Update on Lone Star

Success! It makes you eyes go zingy....It is pulsating! So far I am giving the Quilt Smart the thumbs up, my diamonds came out amazingly perfect.

This part I am not so sure I liked....they have you cut out triangles (see above) and then sew. The large triangle edge is on the bias, it is making me nervous.

So now I have them ready to be sewn together...again, nervous about stretching out that long edge.

It went together fine but I am not so sure I like that line from the stitching........

But the diamonds do line up so perfect!

There will be applique, those white spaces were just calling out for it!

Saturday my daughter Caitlin and granddaughter Maddy participated in a benefit Run/Walk. I watched Maddy while mommy ran and then all 3 of us walked.

They had a kid's race too. Maddy loved it, I think track is going to be her thing!



  1. Your Lone Star is hypnotising!! All the diamonds are so perfect and the applique looks amazing. I like the bit of green.

  2. Great job.beautiful lone star, i love it. if you are a bit worried sewing bias seams try a little spray starch on them, always works for me!!!

  3. This is amazing I LOVE It love the applique tree, just so fun! it will hide that seam
    I know what you mean one of the things I hate sometimes in my quilts seeing those seams when using light fabrics...
    just beautiful, I have always wanted to make a lone star

  4. Fantastic! I love the lone star {on my to-do list} and the applique with it is just perfect! Plus there is nothing better than red and white! You did a fabulous job on this!!!

  5. Wow!! I just love your Lone Star! You are right the points are just perfect. The applique is going to make this quilt absolutely stunning.

  6. Kelly, That lone star went fast! I am amazed at all you can accomplish. I love your choice of the applique pattern. It going to be an heirloom when it is done.
    Saturday was a great day for outdoor activities.. I spent most of the day shopping... Yuck!

  7. debby o'keefeJune 20, 2011 at 8:48 AM

    Such perfect piecing! This is going to be beautiful. You must have been inspired by the red and white quilts in NYC.

  8. Love, love, love your lone star and applique corners!!! I just bought some red and white without knowing what I wanted to do with it, may have to follow your inspiration!

  9. Wow I love your star, you can hardly teel there's a seam after putting applique on. This is a stunner in the making. What happens to the interfacing, do you leave it in?

  10. so how did you get it so perfect? looks amazing.
    I love the applique in the corners - really awesome!

  11. p.s.
    I have a lone star in white (that I'm still quilting) and when you add the batting and backing the whiteness of the seams are reduced.

  12. Your star looks great and I love the applique. Looking forward to seeing this quilt finished!

  13. OMG, I LOVE your "pulsing" Lone Star! It's just perfect. I can't wait to see it completed. Your daughter and granddaughter are adorable.
    (I miss your little red sewing machine and cake stand)


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