Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is This Cheating?

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. I took a little break to get some things done and did not even turn on the computer for 3 days!

Here is one of the chairs on my porch. I redid the cushions last year. They really get a lot of wear and tear with the pollen and dust that filters in on the porch. This year when we got them out I washed them and they disintigrated. Even the zippers fell apart.

Voila! a new cushion made in 10 minutes! I used home dec fabric and instead of sewing it I wrapped it all nice and pinned it to the bottom with safety pins. I figure if I am going to have to change them every year I may as well make it simple. We sat on them all weekend and they held up just fine.

It sure brightens things up! I am planning on redoing the wicker as well. My son is going to stain them black for me, my Mother's Day present. We have had this set for about 22 years and it has held up well but is a little faded.

This is pretty much what I looked like Saturday and Sunday. The mulch is almost all down only 2 more beds to do. Yesterday we spent a lovely afternoon with friends in Chesapeake City, MD eating lunch on the dock restaurant. It was a nice break from all the back breaking work!



  1. Love the cushions! No it's not cheating, I would have done the same.
    I will be mulching soon myself. Ugh

  2. My step mother, who was an interior decorator, did that all the time. In fact, one of the cushions I have still has pins in it!
    Debbi F.

  3. My mum used to cover chairs like that, easier to wash and iron. I love your choice of fabric! Your weekend sound fun, I bet your garden is looking wonderful!

  4. Great idea, Kelly. I love the brightly colored fabric.

  5. Your porch looks great! Good idea to use pins- plus it leaves more time for the garden!

  6. The new fabric gives a completely different look; and the black wicker will be different again.

  7. When I saw the picture of your hand...I first thought that you had spray painted it black! I worked hard on the yard over the weekend too....still have mulch to do!


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