Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Is Here

I participated in an I Spy swap organized by Carla from Lollyquiltz . I sent in 20 squares cut 5 x 5 and got 20 different squares back. I think there are some great fabrics in there to get me started.
The gardens are for the most part planted. I just have a few annuals I want to still put in. I overhauled this one, pulled out bushes, moved daylilies and will still add to it.

A lot of people dislike impatients, not me I love them. I think they are a workhorse in a shady spot. These are the Lipstick Pink ones that will fill this area in a short time.

This is a weird spot....I planted dahlias here for the first time.

I have simplified my pots and cut down on the amount of them. These are the wave petunias and I can't remember what the white flower is.
Tickseed starting to bloom, I love the feathery foilage.

A tranquil evening shot.

This back garden is the hardest to tame, it is done at last! This is where I have some vegetables, herbs and some flowers. Now out to water, we are getting a heat wave!



  1. What a gorgeous home and the gardens are looking lovely too.

    I quite like impatiens; an old fashioned plant to be sure but definitely workhorses in a shady spot!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful! Unfortunately for us our neighbor helped us by mowing the lawn and mowed right over our Tickseed. So it will be awhile before ours looks good again.

  3. I just love your summery garden photos. It's cold and wintery here in Australia. Brrrrr! I spy some fun Ispy fabrics! What a great idea for a swap.

  4. I think both of your thumbs must be green, Kelly! What a lovely home and garden you have! I know how much work it all is...mine is more "wild". I'll have to post some pics of my hosta garden sometime. I'm glad that you liked your charms!

  5. Your gardens are lovely - and I love impatiens too. they are so colorful and no pinching or cutting back. Your yard look like a peaceful place - I love the style of your house too - do you note jealousy, probably, it's so crowded her in northern NJ, I long for a larger green space, your is great

  6. Oh Kelly, your revamped bed looks gorgeous! We are still in the process of redoing ours - wonderful hubby was out last weekend with the rototiller, working the soil and amending it. Now I'm ready to plant - maybe on Sunday, after the rain. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your home and gardens are beautiful. I love seeing quilts on blogs but really enjoy seeing everyone's surroundings and what they see outside their windows. Your impatiens will be great in that area.


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