Saturday, April 9, 2011

Power Sewing

Here is the start to my almost red and white quilt. I am really happy with the fabrics I chose and I did not BUY any of them!!! Everything is from my stash. (Kathie recognize any of those reds?)

This is my little tip for half square triangles. I cannot piece accurately to save my life. So I always sew them oversize and cut them perfectly to the size I need. I recently realized I don't have to cut the square perfectly if I am already planning on cutting them down. So I just eyeballed the size, using my cutting mat and cut them roughly 8 inches. My planned finish size is 6 inches. Now it does waste a little fabric but it really did save me in time as they are all almost pieced and ready to be cut to size. It is very scrappy so I had to cut a lot of different fabrics as well, again it went faster than the other way.
I also apparently need to go back to 4th grade and learn multiplication as 15 x 15 does not equal 300 but 225! Yes I cut enough for 300, so did I really save any time?

I cut it right on the line and don't even use a ruler.

Voila a half square triangle ready to be trimmed.

Another time saver is this 6 1/2" ruler, now there is something I wish I had thought of! All you do is line up the 45 degree angle on the seam, trim and it is good to go.
I adore this rotating mat, it is worth every single cent I paid for it......

One of our home projects that I don't have to help with....Bob ripping up the hallway floor to put down the new hardwood floors. I really should be outside in the garden but the sun went in and it is cold out again......maybe tomorrow.



  1. Your almost red and white quilt is going to be gorgeous Kelly. I must invest in one of those rotating mats, I have been meaning to for years, they look very worthwhile. xo

  2. I do like the look of your red so far. I'd like to get that brand of rotating mat, I have another round sort and the mat is aweful.

  3. oh they look great, I cut my squares oversize too and trim to the size I need! I need one of those cutting mats too putting it on the list!

  4. Love the rotating mat...although mine is very small. I have a medium size mat I use most of the time so I just turn it around on the table even though it really isn't a rotating mat...ha! I works! Love red and white quilts...yours will be fantastic!

  5. Love your red and white! I loved your bluebird quilt and voted for it! Hope you win~!


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