Friday, April 22, 2011


This is what my husband bought me 4 years ago for my 50th birthday. I was so excited, much better than diamonds or anything else. A Gator is a gardener's best friend.

I throw all my weeds in the woods. Pushing a wheel barrel, up hill filled with weeds, this far away makes for a very long day.

Wednesday it is was 82 degrees. I didn't have a lot of time to  work, so I picked a small garden to feel like I got something accomplished.

 This scary thing is called Angel's Trumpet.

A  toad kept me company....

Finished in about 45 minutes. Lavender, poppies and some transplanted daylilies, along with Johnson's geraniums and coreopsis. The plant in the pot is a pink mandeville. It made it through the winter...not sure how.

Later on the little munchkins dyed their eggs....outside!

They had a great time!



  1. how fun!
    we just got a gator at the farm that we (the family) has in Illinois. IT is so fun to run around in. We use it go to the dumpster up the lane and work in the woods.
    Your newly cleaned garden looks great. It's amazing what a little clean up can result it.
    Those little kiddies are tooo cute! Are they all grandchildren?
    How? You are so young!

  2. Love your 'romantic' present!! Seriously though it would be such a fabulous help around the garden, love what you did in such a short time! Great pics xo

  3. How fun to see some of your yard....mine is about half the size of yours, I think, but the wooded surround looks so similar. Your hard work looks great! What cutie pooties you have there...and I adore the convertible!

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  5. Okay, so I meant to say that my kids would LOVE the toad! =) I need to not be multitasking...then I won't be so silly. =)

    And dying the eggs looks like so much fun! I don't think we're going to get to that this year...but we have some cookies to get baking! =)

  6. Kelly,
    You have been working hard! Need a picture of you on the gator!
    I need to get out there and do some clean up myself. Thanks for the inspirations!
    Kids look like they had a great time too. So adorable!

  7. The flower bed looks great. I love the mandevilla but have never been able to keep one over the winter. Glad you could keep one for this year.

  8. oh, what sweet babes. I need to get out into my yard too. just can't seem to get away from my studio long enough

  9. oh the garden looks great! amazing just an hour can make a difference...
    Isn't it fun to have little kids around again? I am jealous! I still can't believe your a grandma!


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