Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coffee or Tea and Me

This was my entry for the Penn Oaks Challenge last night. Our theme was Coffee or Tea and Me.

This is Pat's entry and she won Best Interpretation. Isn't it amazing?

Marian used embroidery for this cute runner.

Suzanne's wool table topper.

Elaine's play on words, what a great idea!

Marti's bright and cheery table runner that is going in her kitchen.

I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted. The best of show was won by Kathy and I will try and get a picture of it at the quilt show.

Our guild is moving yet again to another spot. It seems like nobody wants us! Do any of you out there have trouble find a meeting place?



  1. Hey Kelly, Love your wallhanging!!! I'm still not sure I can get to the quilt show. Mom is going to Princeton for tests that Friday and we need to see how that goes. I hope to though! I could use some inspiration!
    To answer your question--yes our guild had the same problem so we are being really good to the church that houses us now. Good luck to you all. It isn't easy...
    Hugs, mickie

  2. Kelly,

    I love your interpretation of the challenge! My happiest hour is during the morning with cup of tea!
    Looks like everyone had a lot of fun with the challenge. Too bad that you have to move again. It hasn't been even that long at this place. Good luck!

  3. I really love your quilt. Great interpretation of the challenge.

  4. What a fun challenge...and I LOVE your quilt....especially the hair. I'm drinking my tea now! Our guild just moved a few months ago after many years in a different's hard! I hate the drama involved!

  5. What a fun challenge. They're all great but I love yours because it's so me in the morning but in a facetious way, lol. Honestly I'm sweet after my coffee.

  6. How fun is this? thanks for sharing the results of a great challenge!

  7. love. love. love your quilt! That hair is amazing!

  8. Well, we have to pay to rent space at a quilt shop. The Las Vegas MQG pays $15/hour to rent a room after hours at a LV quilt shop. They guarantee us a spot each month....and then they give us back the money we pay in the form of Gift Cards to spend at their store. So I guess they make something off of us....

  9. They are all so fun. Kelly, yours is my favorite - it's funky - I love it!

  10. What a great theme- thanks for showing us all of them! Love the hair and letters & on yours- great work!

  11. What a wonderful variety of interpretations of the same theme!! Your's made me laugh, it's so well done! I wonder why it's hard for guilds to find meeting rooms? I couldn't think of anything better than a group of quilters if I had meeting rooms.

  12. I must say, Kelly, that I vote for your quilt. I LOVE it. I think that it is a wonderful interpretation of the theme/challenge.
    Good luck with finding a new "home" for you group.

  13. I LOVE your piece Kelly - it looks like I feel in the morning, and I don't even drink coffee (it's diet coke for me). Happy day to you!


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