Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Storm Watch Sewing

Another week another storm! We are supposed to get walloped tomorrow with yet another snow storm. So to counter act that I am getting some projects together to make the most of the time with myself. These were gathered today and I will be sewing something with them. Just looking at them makes me happy.

Two more Farmer's Wife blocks completed. I have about 35 done already. I am enjoying this more than I thought, thanks Carla!

Amy over at Amy Made That is having a Skinny Pin Cushion Swap that I am participating in this month. My partner likes red {who doesn't?} and it took no time at all to make. You can find a tutorial for this on Amy's blog.

It is small enough to fit on top of your machine....

or along the edge. The size is 10" x 1 3/4".

I decided this was the perfect fabric for the bottom.
They are due at the end of the month,  I am excited to show you mine and will do so when it comes in the mail. If you have never been in a swap something like this is an easy way to dip your toe in the water. Check out some of the blogs out there and go for it. You will make some new friends along the way!
If you are in the path of the storm what will you be working on?



  1. Happy snow sewing! I hope the storm isn't too bad , surely spring must be on its way soon. That skinny pin cushion is so fabulous!! I love the colours and fabrics you've used and it really is a great shape for sewing at your machine.

  2. Hoping that most of the snow stays to our south (yeah even PA is south :-) ) but i plan to do some knitting, start a new quilt project, figure out some of the details of photoshop elements, peruse the internet for inspiration for Tangled Textiles,.....I might need several consecutive snow days (but perish the thought!).. Stay safe!

  3. Believe it or not I am working on a table topper made from your scraps. I love that pincushion!

  4. We are North & West of Chester Co.- bracing for yet another storm too...Good Grief Charlie Brown...weatherman just said 10-14+inches!!!! Let's hope your power stays on for this one. I have hand work and an oil lamp ready just in case!!! (Grandmother's Flower Garden & Dear Jane...hummmm might be stitching just like Jane) Love your skinny pin cushion...cute and practical. Thank you for the link.

  5. I love your Skinny! Did you stuff it with crush walnut shells? I hope to get mine done tomorrow too! I'm very excited to participate in my first swap! Fingers crossed for no power outage!

  6. I hope the incoming storm is not as bad as the last one for your area. Earlier this week the forcast for us was snow tomorrow and more on Saturday. I think now it is just a Saturday storm. I can hardly listen is just too much .;)
    I am working on some pillowcases, some dresses for Haiti, and some BOMs. A little bit ofthis and that. If I lose power I will embroider by the window. LOL

  7. My quilt group did a skinny pincushion swap last week. It was fun. I appreciated Amy sharing her idea. Yours turned out sweet.

  8. Definitely fabrics to cheer you up. I hate to say I was in a mug rug swap. Sent off my mats, and nothing! It makes me reticent to do another.

  9. our snow has started - we're expecting lots too!
    I'm pinning the lavender quilt today and working on my QAL projects from Lori's blog.
    and watching curling!!

  10. Really cute pin cushion! How can you part with it!

  11. Your skinny pincushion is sew cute!! I am sure your swap partner will adore it!!
    I must begin mine soon, too!


  12. What an awesome skinny pinnie you made!!! Your partner will be sew happy to receive it!

  13. Hi, Kelly,
    This is RoseMary from Woodbridge, VA. And I Love, Love my Skinny Pinnie, will have to go get red pins to put in her now. Thank You for the charms also, love the colors. Love your blog and have signed up to follow with my email. We moved to VA 8 months ago from just outside Youngstown, Ohio. Already miss Ohio. Thank You again and Happy Sewing.

  14. I forgot to add my blog address to my post
    Thanks Again for my skinny pinnie.


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