Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pink Snow Flowers

So once again we had a snow day. I went into my sewing room and decided to clean out my fused scraps.

I dumped it out and divided them up by color, and threw out all the little pieces that were not worth keeping.

I was rewarded by some pieces that I cut up and put away. I love when that happens!

I happened to have some very stiff interfacing, the kind you would use to make a fabric post card. I pieced a background together and quilted it with some straight lines. I did not use a backing that will go on last to hide all those stitches.

I laid out my design and took a picture of it. Next I took away everything but the stems and leaves.
I quilted the stems first.

The leaves were next. Just simple quilting.

For the vase I quilted it along the edge, not shown here.

Referring to my picture I laid out the petals and fused them down.

Again pretty simple quilting. A trick I will share with you.....for the petals the center is going to be covered up with a round piece of fabric. I start and stop my stitching there because it will not show. It also makes it easy to go to the next petal.

This picture shows that better.

Now all those starts and stops are covered up!

When all the quilting is complete I square up the piece.

Instead of making a sleeve to hang it I am making the triangle corners. Cut a 3" square and press it diagonally, wrong sides together.

It will look like this. You may want to adjust the size depending on the size of your quilt.

Fuse on a backing and place the triangles on the upper corners as shown. Be sure you have them at the top and not the bottom. Go ahead ask me how I know that!

To finish the edges, I decided to run a zig zag stitch in a variegated pink thread. I went around twice to give it enough heft. I felt like a binding was too much and it is an art type quilt, so you can do what you want.

I went out with my husband to do a couple of plows today, just to get out of the house.

It is not for the faint of heart! This is a very rural driveway and we were sliding all over the place! I was good and kept my mouth shut. While we are sliding, Bob's phone starts ringing and all of a sudden there is smoke coming out of the place where you plug things in on the dash. I felt like we were the 2 Stooges trying to plow a drive way. It was a plug that turns on the safety flashers and strobe lights that went bad. Tomorrow is snow and ice, I think I will stay home and sew.



  1. Super pretty flowerpot! Lovely work, too.

  2. Love your snow flowers! Always enjoy seeing the fabrics you bring together.:) Great to get a peek inside your process! So much snow for you this year. Good to have a lovely inside hobby.:)

  3. I love your pretty floral piece! We need these cheerful colors with all this snow!
    what a great tutorial for approaching and creating it.
    Brave you for going plowing!

  4. Your flowers were just the project for all this cold and gloomy weather. You've brighter everyone's spirits. The quilting really brought the piece to life. And I liked the edge finishing.

  5. Your art quilt is just as cute as can be. Thanks for sharing. I am all for staying inside in this weather.

  6. I love your fused quilts and you add so much character with your quilting. Snow flowers is such a pretty name. it sounds like you had a scary time out in the snow, it's fascinating to hear about things like that because we never get that kindve snow where I live.

  7. What a delight your vase of cheerful flowers are, Kelly! And, I loved hearing about your snow plow adventure! My hubby spent the afternoon in the garage assembling a blade to attach to his garden tractor. Till now, we have shoveled our long driveway by hand, but since he had to have knee surgery we figured it was time to bring on the "big guns" for snow removal! LOL (Hopefully, there will be now smoke involved tomorrow when he tries it for the first time!!

  8. Yikes...scary plowing, for sure. I knew this flower was yours before I saw the text. (On bloglovin ')

  9. What a cute pot of flowers. You are just so clever in the way you put things together.
    The snow is just beautiful but I know you can get tired of being house bound.

  10. Your snow flowers are just the thing for all this nasty weather. Made me smile to see all that pretty pink.
    The snow is still falling here and sliding and spinning on the roads seems to be a big problem. I really am tired of this winter.

  11. Love your post card. I've been saving my fused scraps also, maybe there's a postcard in my future.

  12. What a happy quilt for this most unhappy weather! I'm wondering if you still have power. We've been lucky here. Thank you so much for your wonderfully detailedl tutorial! I love the zig-zag binding - gives me permission to do the same! Thanks Kelly!

  13. Great project with stash! Love the flower! We are hoping not to lose power, sure you are doing the same. Stay warm and safe! Hugs,

  14. This is just what I needed to see tonight before going to bed. Your snow flowers look very cheery. The snow... I am not that brave. I would have stayed home. Few more storms our way, keep sewing!

  15. Clever girl, Kelly! It looks great. And I keep meaning to say, love your new header.

  16. Everyone around here is singing "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!" What a bright cheery ray of sunshine your little quilt is in this weather!

  17. I am amazed at the amount of snow you are having. That was some experience to go out and plaw the roads.
    Your flowers look great. I really enjoy seeing the process you use to make this project.

  18. Love this project!!! So springy - here's hoping it's soon.

  19. So Miss Kelly sits down to sew and... voilá, a finished wall quilt emerges! You are one skilled lady, and obviously a great snowplower companion too. It's good to see how you put your stuck-indoors days to good use. Hope that generator doesn't start smoking next!


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