Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Onesies are the best invention ever! They were not around when I had my children but I sure wish they had been.
Becky, who does my hair had a little girl last fall. She is back from her maternity leave and I am going to see her today. These are a fun gift with a dash of handmade thrown in.
In the past I would make them with the baby's name on it but I think the fabric is more fun and a lot easier to stitch around.

This one is my favorite! The angel fabric is super old but I have hung onto it because it is so cute. All babies are little angels in my book.

I fused them on, then stitched around the edge. I also used stabilizer behind and removed it when I was finished stitching.

Her name starts with a "B". I decided to go with the 9 month size because I loved the lace edge tank with the little bow for summer. They have the cutest clothes for girls! Heidi Klum has a line of clothes for little babies in the store. NONE of them looked even remotely comfortable. I like cute but they have to be comfy too.

I know the momma loves retro, so a Beetle for her baby.
I can't wait to make some more of these for my future grandchildren.

I neglected to thank everyone for checking in during our storm. I appreciate all the nice words and encouragement. Thank goodness for my iPhone or I would have been totally in the dark!



  1. What a lovely gift for the new Mum, well done.

  2. The motifs you've chosen for these little onsies are so cute!!

  3. these are A-dorable! She'll love them!!

  4. Comfy trumps cute! Stabilizer behind--good idea I need to remember. That little beetle, now that's cute!

  5. Cutest onesies EVER!!! As the mom of boy, I particularly like the sweet lace trim! Such a nice gift!

  6. I made a bunch of those when my youngest was a baby. I put all the designs on the bottom. I didn't quilt then so I fused shapes I drew or traced and then did the edges with fabric paint. I love your fussy cut fabrics appliqued on. I need to remember this idea for when there are new babies in the family.

  7. These are so cute! Every one of them. I too wish onesies had been around when I had my babies.


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