Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Morning Snow

We are high tech here. My husband made this yesterday when he was in the shop just for our amusement. It is working, sort of....

He also got my peg board together and I absolutely love it! It feels like I am in a store. It even looks good in the room. I like being able to find the ruler I need at a glance.

Remember all my pinks scraps?

 Now they look like this. I am still so amazed how small the stacks are after they were overflowing in the basket.

We had our first family dinner this weekend. My daughter suggested that once a month we all have dinner together taking turns going to each other's homes. We also celebrated my husband's birthday. The kids, both mine and the grandchildren went sledding until dinner was ready. They had a great time and I think it will be a good memory for them. It is the women that glue the family together isn't it? Great idea Cait!

I have to find something fun to do with this fabric!
Happy snowy day!



  1. I don't know how much you have but a piece or two in an I spy quilt would be a lot of fun...

  2. It's still so snowy there, lucky your scraps are keeping you busy. How how easy for you to find your rulers with that wonderful peg board. Your family is so good at having get togethers! A very Happy Birthday to Bob! You'll find the perfect way to use that little deer that will delight us all.

  3. Oh yes... loved the stag with glasses, really made me laugh :o)

  4. What a great idea to have family dinners and happy birthday to your husband.
    I love the 4-eyed buck fabric - so awesome - is it decorator weight? what a great snow stick and your pink scraps and strips are so cheerful and fun! wow, fun busy post.

  5. Love the family dinner idea, we watch Blue Bloods on Friday night and they do that every week. I love how your rulers look on the pegboard. Julia Child had her pots and pans on pegboard too!

  6. That snow doesn't look like it is going away in a hurry!
    Great idea with the rulers.
    And an even better idea with the family dinners especially when a birthday can be included.

  7. I see winter is still in your neighborhood too! Looks like your are making the best of it! I'm looking forward to seeing with you do with that deer in glasses. I"ve recently become a glasses wearer after many years in contact lenses.

  8. It looks like you may be ready to make some Valentines! Happy bday Bob.

  9. Your peg board looks great! Lovely family celebrations. And that snow looks soooooo cool - I'll be coming back to that picture all week as our temps go higher and hotter!

  10. no snow here.... yet! It was lovely today- sunny and above freezing! I love your new family tradition! Also love the fabric with the bespectacled deer! Where did you find that?

  11. I remember when we went to Grandmas every Sunday to visit. It is really nice to make time to get together as a family. Great idea. I know the grands will remember fun times at these dinners.
    Those scraps do shrink up once tamed. LOL Love the pegboard. I might need a wall of it.

  12. I need to borrow that handy husband of yours! A ruler peg board looks and sounds like a fabulous idea for me too! Don't suppose he'd like to spend some time in Florida right about now. Hmm? Very happy for you to have reduced your pink scrap stash. That's very impressive. I guess your hubby needs to bring you along to Florida too, so you can work on my scrap stash!


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