Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Icy Blue

We all know you can be inspired by anything, anywhere at anytime. I am going to say I am being inspired by the cold weather with these icy blue baskets.

I have had this in the back of my mind for a while. I originally was going to do it on a solid white background but I need I added the dots. I pieced them and knew that would take forever.

I am using a wide range of solids in blues, turquoises to a touch of purple. Instead of piecing I am using a buttonhole stitch. I like this very much, I still don't know how large I am going to make it. I would like to name it A Million Baskets.

This is my inspiration, an antique quilt that is so cool! There are 525 baskets in this quilt!
I need to be sure that at our getaway this week I have enough projects to work on, just in case.

My grandsons Griffin and Elliot are here today because there is no school, not because of snow {though it did snow again}but an in service day. They have been off of school now since last Wednesday. Seriously they couldn't have changed the in service day? These kids are going to be in school until July at this rate!


An update on my brother in law's kitchen. Not much has been done during the snowy weather because all the people working there plow snow! The fireplace surround and mantel turned out beautiful. The wood is recycled elm.

They are getting towards the end. It is always good when the painter is there, it won't be long.



  1. Your icy blue baskets are so appropriate for this winter. Did you fuse them first? The antique quilt is pretty awesome as well. A million baskets? Hahaha that would mean winter will be here for a very long time!

  2. Loving your little icey blue baskets!! Blue/white is one of my very favorite color mixes--so crisp and clean looking--and perfect for Wintery pieces! Did you hand applique them on the blocks? Nice stitching there, too! hugs, stay warm--Julierose

  3. Oooh, love those baskets! You are feeling very motivated to start 'A Million Basket' type quilt!

  4. They remind me of glaciers in Alaska. You have captured the cold and ice quite well in these colors!

  5. I love your blue baskets! What size are the block? I bet your grandsons were happy to have a day off school especially if they got to hang out with you.

  6. your baskets look great - great idea to applique them. I love fire place at you BILs looks wonderful.
    Yes, the painter is always a good sign of completing a project.
    Your GS are so cute. have they seen the lego movie? Hanna and I went and LOVED it - great for all ages.

  7. Kelly,

    HOW many days is the Getaway? LOL! You're like me, one must NEVER run out of quilting projects!

  8. The icy blue them. I did two of the pieced basket quilts. The first one was the project in my beginning quilting class. The teacher, who has remained a good friend, later told me "That isn't a beginner project, but I wanted to make that quilt". The second one I started before I ever finished the class (I had quilt fever already). The top is done but it isn't quilted yet.
    That kitchen and family room looks beautiful. Getting close to done.

  9. Of course I love your baskets. Have fun at your getaway. Say hi to all the ladies for me.

  10. Ooh Kelly - those baskets made me shiver! Very cool!!


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