Monday, April 4, 2011

Pillowcases With A French Flair

Wow I am so behind in everything and can't seem to catch up! I did a little sewing this weekend for the grandkids.

Pillowcases! This one is for Griffin. Elliot requested Batman and Fallon is getting peace signs.
You will need for a standard size:

3/4 yd for the body
1/3 yd for the outside trim

Blue fabric 26 1/2 x 40 1/2
Black fabric 10 1/2 x 40 1/2

Fold along the long side, wrong sides together and press.

Sew trim to the long side of the body piece using 1/4 inch seam.

Right underneath that line of stitching use a zig zag stitch to keep it from unraveling.

Flip it over and press so the seam is going toward the body (blue) fabric.

Add a line of top stitching to the body (blue) of the pillowcase.

Here is the French flair part......Now this is a little your pillowcase WRONG SIDES together. We are going to do a French seam to keep the seams from raveling. Sew your seam about an 1/4 inch.

Raw edges are enclosed

Flip the pillowcase so now the wrong side is out and press. Sew another seam a little bigger than a 1/2 inch around the side and bottom starting at the bottom.

This is what the seam on the wrong side will look like. Now when it is washed it will not become a tangled mess. You can also do the zig zag stitch but I thought I would show you this technique.

Finished! These take longer to cut out than they do to sew....

Here is the other project I worked guild, Penn Oaks Quilters is having a quilt show. We are in the home stretch getting things ready! If you  live any where near Downingtown, Glenmoore, West Chester, Chester Springs, Pottstown, Lionville,Thorndale, Coatesville, Phoenixville or in Chester County PA be sure to come to the show. If you live even farther away come too! For a small guild we do a great job and have NQA judges, vendors, door prizes, raffles quilt, GO Baby raffle, and much more. I think it is going to be a wonderful show. For more information visit the website Penn Oaks Quilters.



  1. Fun tutorial! I was just say the other day I should make some fun colourful pillow cases.

  2. What a cute pillowcase! Have you seen the burrito method? There's a good tutorial here:
    You don't have to worry about the raw edges on the inside with this method. It's so easy. And then you wouldn't have ANY raw edges!

    Wish I was close enough to visit your quilt show! I'm on the show committee this year for my guild, but our show is in Oct. Lots to be done before then. Enjoy your show!

  3. Those pillowcases aaaaarrrrr
    great! love the fabric.
    Great tutorial.
    I'm off to check out the quilt show info....just love those quilt shows!


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