Friday, April 8, 2011

Almost Red and White

Here is what I did with my pink string....... Our quilt show has a guild shop in which members can sell things they have with the guild getting a percentage of the sale. It helps to fund our programs. So I wanted to wrap my vintage fabric with pink string, which is why I went to all the trouble to dye it, not sure I would do it again.

Scrap Bags

I wanted them to look pretty so people would buy them!

Some vintage fabric, charm squares, batiks and Heather Bailey farbic will all be for sale at the quilt show! (Notice the pink string).  I priced things very reasonably because I don't want to haul it all home!

Inspired by the Red and White quilt exhibit I am making a quilt for myself! I am using the fabrics I won from Kathie of Inspired By Anitique Quilts . I showed my husband, Bob the fabrics and he liked them so it is full steam ahead. I still want to do a total red and white quilt, that will be in the future.

I will tell you I have a lot of quilt books. I love to read and go over my books all the time.

Some of my favorite books.
I dug a bunch out to get inspired for my almost red and white quilt. Note the quilt on my bed, Pottery husband tells me all the time "If your guild members knew they wouldn't let you be a member in guild". It just always seems to be someody else's turn for a quilt.....not anymore.

This is an oldie but goodie!

This was also in the book case, my first sewing manual, circa 1972.

Channeling Marcia Brady.....

I made this hideous outfit one year for Thanksgiving using ROYAL BLUE for the dress and LEMON YELLOW for the apron in corduroy no less! I am pretty sure my hair was in braids too.

Back to the sewing room.



  1. Oh Kelly, you've made me want to go look over all my pattern books from the 70's too! Love the pink string, adds a nice touch. No doubt everything will sell. Good luck.

  2. Haha, I had that simplicity sewing book for teens way back when. Thanks for the memories and laughs.

  3. What a fun post! See how the girls in the red tights have all hemmed their dresses at fingertip length....I remember doing that too!! I also have made a dress like the one with the 1976 for the bi-centinnial. Mine was navy calico....sorry, I didn't have a lemon yellow apron!

  4. Good luck with your sale! The pink string is a fun touch- I would so buy that Heather Bailey bundle if I was there. Have fun picking out your pattern and making your quilt! The quilt on my bed is from Pottery Barn too- but soon it will be one of mine!

  5. What an action packed fun post!!! You are so wonderful for going to all the trouble to dye your string pink to make your parcels pretty. Love those 70's photos!!! I was born in 1971 so I'm a seventies kid. A yellow cordroy apron would've been very cool!!

  6. The pink string is very cute, I'm sure you'll sell all the lovely fabric.
    Congratulations on the win from Kathie, the fabrics look lovely.

  7. I would lovr to see you in that outfit!

  8. hahaha Love the picture with the girls all in red tights! Fabulous Fashion flashback.


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