Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sea Shells

I really like the simplicity and quietness of this quilt. It is small, 7 1/2" x 14". It reminds me of sea shells, hence the name. I don't like the whole idea of naming quilts, maybe I should just go with quilt #----? I also am not a label maker. I take a Sharpie and write my name etc somewhere on the back of the quilt, then hit it with the iron. My feelings are a label can be taken off, writing straight on the quilt with a Sharpie is there forever!

If you remember from an earlier post, I received these is the mail as a gift. I have another one too but am saving it for later. If you are interested in finding out more about these you can go to Umbrella Prints (I love the name).
They are also having a Pinterest Contest, check it out!

In keeping with the simplicity of the quilt, I did some straight line quilting that does not take away from the fabrics and has a modern feel.

It really just evolved. I started sewing like size pieces together.

Cut them apart here and there...

then sewed them back together in another spot. Sorry for the shadow, it was a rainy day.

The other day I was watching my granddaughter, Maddy.

I was parked in their cul de sac that is a no parking area, but there is no other place to park. There was myself and 3 other cars there.
While we were upstairs changing into her play clothes, we notice a police car in the cul de sac. Oh no I am going to get a ticket I said to Maddy. The following conversation went like this......

Maddy---What's a ticket mom mom?

Kelly---They put a piece of paper on your car and you have to send the police man money.

Maddy---and then does he get to go shopping?

I almost fell off her bed laughing!



  1. I like your idea of the name on the back with a Sharpie. I just heard that some people are putting their name or initials under the binding. You can always prove a quilt is yours if you pull up the binding in that spot. I heard that this has already been used to prove a quilt was stolen, (I cannot verify this story)

  2. Maddy is just adorable! Love her way of thinking.

  3. That's hilarious and cute!
    I am lazy about putting labels too but always want to get better at it. Writing with sharpie is a good idea. I think if I really want the label to stay with the quilt I would sew it to the backing and then quilt.. If only... I was as good.
    I love your new pastels.. beautiful and soothing!

  4. Out of the mouths of kids! I first thought the fabrics were like sunbrella - duh! Cute quilt.

  5. Your quilt is beautiful! It really lets the fabrics do the talking. And talking of talking how funny is Maddie! That is so cute.

  6. First, that is so cute...does the policeman getto go shopping. Adorable (as is Maddy)
    I am so happy that you don't do labels. I am just the worst about that. I try to remember to sign the back with a pigma pen, but I usually forget that too. LOL
    Sea Shells...very pretty.

  7. Sweet quilt with perfect quilting and perfect binding color, Kelly! I like to piece the label into the backing (IF I remember in time!) but sometimes write on the back with a Pigma pen like you. Whatever works! Did you get a ticket?? *If he saw Maddy and heard her comment then I'm sure you wouldn't have!!

  8. Oh such a sweet quilt. Love the soft colors. OK,how cute is your grand-daughter! Children are just the best.

  9. This came out really fabulously! I like your thoughts about labels......

  10. your little piece is lovely - I love the soft color pallet and sea shells is just what it looks it.
    Love Maddy's response - so....did you get the ticket?


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