Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Not Much

I don't have that much to show you today. I have not had a lot of time to sew and it is pretty aggravating!
The first 4 blocks are for the Quilt Along I am doing. This one is supposed to have a connection to your mom/parents. Both of my parents liked to garden, I love to garden (well some days...).

These are not in order.....this is to represent your favorite movie, using solids with different hues. Our family's favorite movie is Stand By Me. It is a turning of age movie (my favorite) and all the boys in it are best buddies, true blue friends. Did you know blue stands for loyalty?

Your connection with your children/ special children in your life. I have 3 sons and one daughter they are all in their 30's but when I dream of them it is always as children, never older than 10. I am sure there is something Freudian there...

This one is your favorite TV show, using complimentary colors. Hands down mine is Breaking Bad. The blue represents the color of the drug that he produced, it was special because it was blue. The yellow, sunny happy, flowers portray the false sense of normalcy they tried to keep in their home, while he sold drugs.

 A few ladies have sent me pictures of their almost finished mystery quilts. This is Lee with a bright and happy runner.



and Debbie's. Nice job ladies!

Last night at Penn Oaks our speaker was Jackie Gauker of Jackie's Woolens. Isn't this a gorgeous quilt?
I really like the half square triangles around each block.

If you want to check out more about Jackie you can go to her Facebook page.

The thing I like about her wool is that she has some very pretty colors. I could not resist.

How cute are these?



  1. I love seeing how you interpret the different themes in your blocks. It's such a great approach to choosing fabrics. The mystery quilts look wonderful in every colour way. That wool aplique quilt is really beautiful!!

  2. me gusta el color de los bloque, y como representas a cada uno de ellos
    las colchas misterio preciosas, la verde y azul genial

  3. Loved seeing your blocks that represented each of the themes. Loved the Breaking Bad symbolism!

  4. Cool way of looking at block themes! Love the wool.

  5. love the idea of making quilt blocks that have a connection or represent something in your life. Really interesting.

  6. I love seeing the Quilt Along blocks and hearing the explanation. Could you organize a Quilt Along for us, your loyal readers? I'm In!

  7. I like reading the storied behind those blocks. Those mystery quilts turned out great! Penn Oaks.. I need to get there at some point. Keep meaning to do it and forget. Lovely wool quilt there Kelly, starting a new wool quilt?

  8. I like your new woolen pieces, very nice colours and the vegetables too:) I liked reading your thoughts about your mystery blocks. And making a quilt with woolen appliques is also on my (long) list. It must be much quicker than 'normal' applique.
    ps I ordered the quick curve ruler through a Dutch quiltshop. It is probably not so quick, but much cheaper than ordering it by myself.So I will have to wait, but I'm looking forward to using it.

  9. great blocks!! The mystery quilts are so bight and beautiful. They are all so summery, but I must confess that Nancy's is my favorite colors. :) I have that wool pattern. One day I might even get around to making it.

  10. I really like our explanation of the blocks. They look great.
    And the mystery quilts are looking good, too.
    I am impressed with the wool quilts. We don't have a lot of that here.
    Love the pins!

  11. the mystery quilts look great -
    love love those garden pins!


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