Friday, May 16, 2014

Low Volume Swap

Yesterday my package came with the fabrics from the Low Volume Swap.

I will show you all of the pieces that were in the pack.

Those chickens are kind of interesting......not sure they fit in with the swap, but I love them nonetheless. The scissors on top were my contribution.

Some are confused as to what Low Volume means....

How cute is this?

I would describe them as quiet prints (no white on white, solids or marbled fabric) that would work well as a background especially with louder colorful prints. I love that second print called looks like a domino don't you think?

Definitely with a more modern, dare I say Mod feel to them. The bottom fabric has a metallic copper color that I am not sure about, I am not a glitzy girl. I never liked Hoffman fabric because of all the gold and silver.
Love the leaves at the top....

The glasses are a favorite.

Lime green, yes!

So which one is your favorite?

Have you ever participated in a fabric swap? We are going to have one every month at our guild starting in September. Different colors every month, it should be fun and a great way to build up the stash. Like mine really needs some help......



  1. I like the little scissors and the achitcture plans fabrics the best from this fun collection.I bet it's been fun looking through them. Guiild swaps will be great for variety in your stash.

  2. I like the one in the first picture that looks like faded music staffs and notes. Any idea where that could be found?? You got a really nice assortment of fabrics in the swap.

  3. Interesting to see what fabrics were chosen for this round of the swap. I was in Round Two and enjoyed the swap but had to miss it this time around.
    I love the scissor print, the script text print and those 2 prints from Lotta's lines (Sylvia and Mormor... I think). I think swaps are such a fun way to add some variety to the stash.

  4. Great fabrics and a fun way to ad to your collection.

  5. Well Thank You Terry, it is now time for me to hit the stores. As I browse over my stash--I only spot a few low volume pieces. I may just need to pull those little gems out and play in the near future. Believe me when I say---I am watching your blog!

  6. I can't decide between the eyeglasses and the little red birds.

  7. Great fabrics! I love the leaf prints in the first photo.

  8. Love your fabric mix. I am wanting more low volume fabrics, but I have to confess that I don't 'see' them very well in a quilting store. Maybe I just need to go online and order what I want.:)

  9. what a fun package of fabrics. How big are the pieces and how many do you send?
    I like the word search the best!

  10. What a cool stack of fabrics. I have the glasses fabric. (so cute). I would probably look at them and change my 'favorite' every five minutes. I do love lime...just sayin. ;)

  11. Oh, how fun! You sure got some great fabrics.........I love the text prints and the orange drawn flowers.

  12. How cool! I am jealous. I like all of them!

  13. Mostly fab! And mostly low volume! I have participated in a bunch of swaps. I added a lot to one, and ended up with a LOT of greens and olives back, and a hefty amount that were not at all what I would call LV. I was soooooooo disappointed. Since I had planned on using all for the same project, I decided the only way I might be able to salvage it would be to add even More fabric to the mix, all in one color, perhaps in different values, that I really Do like, to see if that swings the whole thing. I just haven't mustered that yet......

  14. Love most of these fabrics. Thanks for clarifying low volume. It's a new term to me. Looks like you're going to have a lot of fun.

  15. You're right, some of your swappers didn't get the "low volume" thing. I've swapped before, but I don't do it anymore. I usually ended up getting stuff I didn't like - just like you have - so it isn't worth my investment in fabric. I don't like giving someone else something really wonderful, and then receive not-so-nice stuff (JoAnn-quality fabrics) in return. Did you receive any JoAnn fabrics in that lot?


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