Friday, May 30, 2014

Colorful Leftovers

16 x 20

In my last post I showed  you some wonderful inspirational quilts from my friends. As we were sitting around talking we all agreed as soon as we got home we wanted to sew. That inspiration is contagious!

I needed to get a backing ready for a quilt that I am dropping off at the long arm quilter's house today. Once that was done I dumped out my box of half finished, leftover blocks. I just wanted to create something without spending so much time sewing. I wanted it done today!

So I started by just laying out what I had in the box. Color was of no importance, size a bit more but not exactly the same size. Close was good enough.

I pressed all the seams open which made it lie very flat. Look at all those threads on my pants.....

I chose not to quilt over the little flying geese. I wanted them to stand out and not be interrupted with a line of quilting.

I used a light gray thread  (Aurifil) and quilted it with random width straight (well almost) lines.

Instead of binding it, I used a facing technique. You can find the tutorial here . I have used a few different ones but I like this one the best. Even if you have never done it before you will be successful, just follow the directions exactly.

It felt good to just sit and sew. My favorite part is not knowing how it is going to look when I am finished. It could be a waste of time but overall going out on a limb can be fun too!



  1. So much fun! I've been playing with a therapy project similar to this in order to break out of my box.

  2. That's really cute and great therapy too!

  3. So much fun to sew like that once in awhile. LOVE your little blue triangles!

  4. I bet it felt so good to use all those scraps. It looks great , now I am inspired!

  5. Very fun! love the geese flying up the middle!

  6. Isn't it wonderful how you can create a wonderful quilt out of scraps. This is so fabulous with all its colour and the focus of the geese really adds to the fun. I really like how you bound the edges too, thanks for linking to the tutorial.

  7. What a great way to use your collection of leftovers. Great end result too. And you have lots of reminders of many other projects.

  8. that was a box full of fun things! I really like how you quilted it. The flying geese really are the perfect pause.
    great piece! I want to try the facing technique on a quilt soon

  9. What a cool quilt! That is such a fun way to sew - not knowing the outcome and your colorful fabrics sure made it cool. I'll have to check out the facing technique, too. Thanks for the link!

  10. Oh what fun! I love this quilt! I think you are right, Sometime just mindless sewing is what needs to be done. I LOVE those triangles so happy flying who knows where!


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