Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Slim Pickins

I am really starting to get a little cranky. I have not had one moment to sit down and sew. Ok maybe that is a bit dramatic but still.....
This block is for the QAL I am participating in. Our assignment this week was to make one block that represented April Showers. This one is literal, the raindrop fabric in light gray as it can be gray in April here in Pennsylvania. The dark gray with the colorful dots can represent snow, that we did get at the beginning of the month or small buds of flowers that we have now at the end of the month.

Our second block was to represent May flowers. The beginning of May has a few flowers but not a lot, so I went with the sprigged flower fabric. At the end of May everything is green and lush, including my porch filled with pollen!

Today is my baby girl's birthday! Happy Birthday Caitlin.
 Every year since she was about 13 we would go birthday shopping and out to lunch. She would pick out her presents, usually clothes.

We are continuing our tradition along with her daughter Maddy. As you can see she has good taste (and expensive) and my love of color. Lilly Pulitzer does have the cutest clothes......



  1. I do love the dress Maddy is holding. Birthday shopping sounds like lots of fun for al of you. A special tradition.

  2. I am participating in the same QAL. I am really enjoying it.

  3. Cute blocks (what means QAL?), and beautiful daughter and granddaughter, congratulations!

  4. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter and granddaughter! They are gorgeous! I'm feeling the same way about getting to sew but it's because of work and it's just the way it is right now. Hopefully soon...
    In the meantime, I'm enjoying your photographs and holed up in the attic going through antique quilts for our program. It's already too polleny for me outside, especially with this breeze!
    Have a great day!

  5. That little dress is so pretty! Love the springy colors. I tend to get a little cranky when I can't sew like I want to myself.:)

  6. I get cranky if I can't sew! Phil once said he knows all's well when he can hear my sewing machine running. I love your blocks with their clever themes and your wonderful interpretations. A very Happy Birthday to Caitlin. That dress Maddy has picked out is really cute!! Having lunch and shopping is such a lovely tradition.

  7. You 3 generations of ladies are so beautiful. I see lot of you in your daughter.
    What a great tradition. Lily clothes are beautiful.
    your QAL blocks look great~

  8. Quilting really is an addiction when you get withdrawal symptoms like that!!
    What a lovely way to spend a day together - 3 generations getting some retail therapy!!

  9. Looks like a very fun quilt along. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. Shopping with the girls, so fun. You little grand-daughter is so cute.
    Love your new header.

  10. Picture with Maddie really says spring as well,

  11. Caitlin gets a birthday dress, Maddy gets one too. I think you need one also!

  12. Cait looks so beautiful! Happy belated birthday to your sweet daughter. It's nice to have some traditions going for the girls of the family. Maddy will remember all this when she is big girl! Her picking the dress is priceless!


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