Monday, April 28, 2014

Feeling Groovy

I have been hoarding  saving this vintage fabric for quite some time waiting for the perfect project. It is terry cloth so it doesn't exactly work for a quilt.

I took apart my ugly gray office chair that I use in  my sewing room.

It was coming apart at the top....I used it for a pattern. This is the back of the top of the chair.

Super simple. If you want to try this just always leave yourself extra fabric all around, you can always cut it down.

I was so happy because I thought I was going to have to take the seat apart. All I did was tip it over on the fabric, wrap it around and staple. It could use a little dusting too.

One very groovy chair.

This is the back piece I cut using the pattern.
I am wondering now how good it will hold up. It may catch every single thread because it is terry cloth, oh well too late now!

This past Saturday night was our Meanix Family Fun Night and Dinner. The kids had a blast on the trampoline. They are all getting so big.

Fallon is the oldest with her very cool red bike, named Ruby, she got for Christmas. On a sad note the next morning they had to put their dog, Cooper down. She was very brave and hugged him goodbye. It was very unexpected.

So who knows what these are? Don't you just want them all even though I am sure most of you would never have any need for them. Only 95 cents each, just let me know what number you want......



  1. OMGolly!! That chair is brilliant, I love that fabric and it looks wonderful on your chair!! Good on you for getting your groove on! It's fun seeing your family having happy times. I wonder what those numbers are for?

  2. your chair is brilliant! I LOVE Fallon's red bike! It's very cool. So sorry to hear about her dog :( it is always so sad and when it's unexpected, I can only imagine!
    Did you jump on the trampoline? I would have been very tempted!
    are those cattle tags? garden row markers? They are very fun whatever they are!!

  3. Bonita y entrañable entrada!!!!!
    la niña con su bicicleta muy guapa
    y su perro... lo siento
    los números intriga!!!!! estoy muy lejos pero yo seria 48

  4. LOVE your chair!!! I thought you would have to take the chair apart! I love Fallon's bike - looks retro! I"m so sorry to hear about her dog Cooper, poor brave girl.

    Are the tags for coat check? I guess you would just have one complete set for that. Love a good mystery!

  5. Great job! Very cool and groovy. Looks like a fun family time. So sad about the dog.

    Are they tags for sizes ?

    1. That IS one groovy chair! Looks so you! Kids are getting big. I have always enjoyed reading about your family activities. Nice to have them close by. By having the pictures on the blog, it is also easier for your family to follow up or look back on these fun events.
      Those tags, they look big compared to the price tags. I am baffled by them.. Numbered, so they are for identification of some sort. Hmmm...still puzzled...

  6. Great job on the chair!!!!! You are my hero!!

  7. You better tell us the tag purpose. Interesting no one else knows for sure. I'm voting for coat check.

  8. Your chair is totally groovey. What a difference it will make in your sewing studio...more fun!

  9. Your chair idea is so fun...a friend just told me that she recovered hers in selvages...maybe I'll try that! If you put those tags on saftey pins they would make great row markers.....even for GIANT quilts! LOL

  10. Oh my gosh! What a very groovy, happy chair! I have a similar sewing chair in boring navy. Never thought about taking it apart and recovering it. I think you're very courageous for just digging in and doing it.

  11. Oh your chair is so groovy!!! I did a project for work and I pieced red/white and black fabrics and then used it to recover my cheap desk chair. I wanted to recover every chair after that. LOL I controlled myself.
    Love Fallon and her retro red bike. So sorry about the dog.
    I really have no idea what those tags are for.....hmmmm

  12. You make it look so easy! LOVE your new groovy chair do.:)

  13. What a cool chair! It looks amazing. That fabric is perfect. It must brighten up your sewing room really well.

  14. Chair is far out funkadelic! I'm so inspired I might switch out my gravy stained dining room chair fabric that I've been meaning to get to for 20 years. The red tags are reminders of my dress size throughout the years...

  15. Love the new header! Great job on the chair!

  16. Love that chair, Kelly. (I now have the song "Feelin' Groovy" stuck in my head!!!)

  17. Well done with the chair. Are you looking for a new occupation?
    Great to see happy family time.
    Love the tags. No idea what they are for. think I will have 13!! :)

  18. I freaking LOVE your chair and for that matter Fallon's red bike! Sorry to hear about her pup though...


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