Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Quilts + Favorite Color Winner

Last night at the Penn Oaks Quilt guild we had our challenge. The challenge was to make  small (8 x 12) quilts that will be used at our quilt show next year, encouraging people not to touch the quilts. This was mine, the baby looks a little scary.

This one was the winner and in my opinion the best one. Any time a quilt can make you laugh out loud is good! So sit back and I will show you the rest.....

Overall I think they turned out great and are so creative. They will be fun to hang at our quilt show and give people a little chuckle.

I did not forget about the giveaway, the winner is Helen Ernst! Helen you didn't leave an email address. I will give you a couple of day to contact me. I will pick another winner if I don't hear from Helen on Friday. Congratulations Helen!
Our final tally was:

Aqua- 22 Yeah!
Red - 19
Green - 12
Purple - 12   I can't believe purple tied for 3rd place!
Blue - 9   I thought this would place higher, didn't you?
Pink - 9
Orange - 5
Yellow - 4
Gray - 1
Back - 0
Brown - 0
White - 0
So there you have it, our very scientific poll. I very much enjoyed reading all 47 comments. I thank you for you opinions but I think we can agree we need all those colors or quilting would not be much fun with only one!



  1. Lol!! I love all those funny signs!! I was laughing the whole way through. It was interesting to see the colour results.

  2. I love all the do not touch quilts! Hope they do the trick.

  3. That is such a great idea! I love yours. I have to pass this idea to a friend who also has a quilt show.
    I like aqua but my poor pink......

  4. I think aqua took some of blue's votes. I know I would normally say blue, but aqua is my favorite shade of blue.

  5. Love the quilts! Your baby is cute! I definately would have pegged you as an aqua girl...but I think we are all in love with that color right now. Have a wonderful day! Stay warm!
    Hugs, Mickie

  6. Well, I am looking like the your Adorable Crying Baby! First at all the great humor in the "Do Not Touch" pieces--They are Wonderful and second for somehow selecting my name to win! It was fun to see the results. Thank You--Helen.
    FYI-I did send you a email.

  7. What a fun post! Thanks for sharing these cute and clever mini quilt signs!!


  8. Thanks so much for sharing these. It was like visiting a quilt show this morning while enjoying my jasmine tea.

  9. The signs are so very cute and creative. I liked all of them. Great idea to have quilt signs at the quilt show.
    Congrats to the winner .

  10. The hands off quilts for the quilt show are so fun and cleverly to the point. Yours is pretty cute and the prize winners did make me laugh. It's a great idea for any show.

  11. What creativity in the mini quilts. And what a great idea.

    COngrat's to Helen.

  12. what a hoot these are!! I love yours and I think it is super cute with those big teeth :)
    Of course, I also love love the house on the witch! these are so clever!

  13. Your quilt is so funny! I love the winner too, especially like the folded siding - great touch! My two favorite colors are Red and Aqua - it's always been Red but Aqua has been edging in for the past 10 years for me.

  14. This challenge was a fabulous idea. Your guild always has great participation. And I do agree about aqua being a shade of blue. Combine the voytes and you have my winner!

  15. I enjoyed looking at all those humoristic and creative small quilts. Yours is very cute and... pink... my favorite color!

  16. What fun! The quilts and the poll!

  17. The blocks are awesome. Very clever! You belong to a talented guild.

  18. What a talented lot you are. The minis are great. I hope they do the job!

  19. How cute and what a great idea !

  20. What a fun idea and they are so creative , I think I'd have voted for your quilt , that is just too cute !


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