Friday, September 27, 2013

We Sewed, We Ate, We Chatted

Another get away is in the books. Christine is in her jammies (it is almost noon, hey I am not judging just reporting the facts) sewing away.

This is what she was working on...

and this.....they do not go together just happened to be next to each other.

The weather was beautiful, crisp and autumnal. We wore warm clothing most of the time, in between hot flashes! Above is Angela and Cheryl.

Angela made the best meal, in my opinion while we were there. It is called White House Spinach Pie. It was out of this world good. I think you can google it to get the recipe.

Jane's table runner, no picture of Jane...

Terry's table runner, no picture of her either. For whatever reason I stopped taking pictures, maybe because I was sewing?

Cheryl's string quilt. This is on my list to do next, maybe.

Cheryl brought her studio Accuquilt. We are making a basket for our guild's auction this winter. I will show you a picture of the finished basket later.

All I will say is if you like batiks, pre-cut into strips and squares of many sizes and lots of colors you will like this.

It was a fun time, thank you Cheryl once again!
I do have sewing to show but have not had a chance to photograph. We have another family wedding this weekend and a party Sunday so maybe next week.



  1. Hell, I stay in my jammies all day and sew, its the only way to do it! LOL!

  2. Love retreats! It looks like you ladies have had a grand time together...

  3. I love retreats with the my friends - this is our 19th years together. We go once a year and meet every month for a sew day. I look forward to June every year. I call it the "the four "F's" - Friends - fabric - fun - food!! Same 8 women - we just had a sew day today! Quilters are the BEST!!!!!

  4. What a great retreat, it all sounds perfect!! The views through the windows look amazing too!!

  5. And, I missed all that : ( Looking forward to a great show and tell soon!

  6. We did have a great time. It ended too soon.

  7. Oh, Kelly, how fun for you! Nothing better than sewing with friends!

  8. I'm always up for a sewing retreat! Nothing is more fun. Looks like, from that last photo, it was a Bernina retreat... mostly. So glad you had fun, and ate Mr. President Popeye! (White House Spinach. Ha!)

  9. Looks like a really fun time! I love sewing in my PJs -
    what a great looking cabin in the woods.
    The pie looks great I'll have to google it.
    looking forward to seeing the batiks.

  10. Looks like so much fun!!! Nothing better than sewing with friends, talking, eating, talking some more. The location is beautiful. I need a retreat. LOL

  11. You have been having more fun than the law allows! LOL What a treat!


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