Saturday, September 21, 2013

Quilt Show Pictures

I think the 3 dimensional quality of this quilt was unreal. Doesn't it look like you could reach in and pick something up?

This is quilt made by Beth a blogger friend. I was so happy to see I knew who made this. The quilted circles were cool.

Sujata I took this picture with you in mind!

This quilt was unbelievable. So you are looking at this and saying really?

Up close you can see the french knot "snow" that was hand done all over the quilt, there were thousands of them! It gave it such a nice texture too.

Simply amazing!
Check out the size too!

I took this to show my husband, not to make him one. Luckily he really didn't like it.

It had a sad story to go with it, you can read it below.

My friend Suzanne and I went to the show together. We both would like to make this quilt.

I liked the whimsical look of this quilt.

Another blogging friend Rachael is working a quilt that has a lot of hand quilting on jeans. I took this for her to see that she is not alone! There is also corduroy in there too.

I have more quilts to show you and will post them later.



  1. Astounding works! i especially like Spring Fever! but that quilting is fantastic--so many wonderful quilters out there....thanks for the peek, Julierose

  2. Thanks Kelly!
    Two that spoke to me the most are the corduroy and remake of quilts made by the siddis in India. This is making me wonder if I should venture out there. Looks like there are some pretty amazing pieces out there in the show.

  3. Your photos are wonderful! The quilts look amazing. Love the one with the french knots. The details is wonderful and I can only imagine how long it took to do all the french knots! I also love all the work in the Happy Clams quilt. Looks like a great show!

  4. I enjoyed the quilt show! Thanks for including mine! Fun! fun!

  5. Oh what beautiful quilts! Every one of them. I love the humor in the bathing suit quilt. I would love to make the happy clam shells, but mine would not look like that one. (*as in no where near as good).

    I ahve to load my pictures today so I can post my favorite quilts from the guild show.

  6. That is so funny, I stopped at Eve's Garden and really looked at those photos, absolutely beautiful!! and then I scrolled down and saw you took that photo with me in mind. Goes to show you know me well, Thank you!! I also love Four Roses. I wish Margaret Fabrizio had a blog, her experience in Africa to learn quilting and adventures in India finding fabric sound wonderful!!

  7. Wow! Some amazing quilts there. Thanks for sharing the quilts with their stories -- I really appreciate that extra information!

  8. What a great show. Thanks for sharing all those photos. Some amazing quilts.


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