Monday, September 16, 2013

Good Mail

The other day as I was checking my email there was an ad from Vista Print. I have been wanting to get some note cards made and decided to check it out. So I took my latest quilt and had some made. It was so easy it was ridicules. I went with a mat finish but will do it again with a gloss finish. My critique, the colors are not 100% but close enough.

Of course they entice you to check out all the other things you can personalize. This is what I have been using for my mouse. Very attractive.....

It was a notepad/mouse pad from when I was in real estate. Notice the date on the bottom right hand side. Yeah 6 years ago, that's how long I have been using this cruddy thing. It has notes, recipes, reminders even sketches of quilts all over it.

So because I was in the mood and the picture was already uploaded I went for it.

So much better and a lot easier to use.

As a coincidence I got a card in the mail today. I love the colors and the theme. Thanks Cheryl!
I still love to get real mail (not bills!) in a mailbox. I am old school when it comes to thank you notes, no emails for me. Now I have even more incentive to write little notes. Do you still write notes or heaven forbid, letters? Isn't it a little sad to think we may not have any written words from love ones in the future? I still have the card my grandma Aggie sent when we were young with little children. Tucked inside was a $5 bill. She told me to get some milk or bread with it. I cherish it because it is just a little thought that she had, taking time out of her busy day.

Happy Birthday to my granddaughter Fallon and my brand new son in law Jim!



  1. Your quilty card looks fabulous!! and so does your mousepad. I'm guilty of letting emails get in the way of letter writing but I do love sending cards for birthdays and occasions.

  2. Love the idea of both the note cards and the mouse pad. A great way to use photos of your own work.

  3. Great idea! I must do something special for you so that I can be the recipient of one of your beautiful notecards.

  4. What a great idea! Every time I see your header quilt, I think how much I love that your whites are really cute pins or branches and not plain white at all. Thanks for letting everyone know it's so easy! Now, I need to make a quilt!

  5. Thanks for the tip, Kelly. I have been making cards by glueing photos onto plain white cards meant for stampers and scrapbookers. This is even better! I, too, miss getting real mail. I remember how I used to set aside time every Tuesday to write my mother and MIL. I still have a few handwritten letters saved from both of them.

  6. How cool! great new mouse pad.
    I am a big mail person. I send cards, letters and about 100 christmas cards -
    I also love stamps and notecards and everything that goes with them.
    What a sweep card from your grandmother
    have a great day

  7. Mug I really want to go make a pile for my quilty friends. You make them look like so much fun. And like something everyone needs to have.
    The cards and mousepad are a great idea. Never though of doing that, but I do love cards. And letters. I am guilty of usually doing email because it is fast.


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