Thursday, September 5, 2013

Feeling A Little Bit Nostalgic


Today my youngest grandchild started kindergarten. It is making me realize how long ago my own children were in school. I really am getting old even though I don't feel it.

My daughter is thrilled she has to wear a uniform, no tears about which outfit to wear today, tomorrow or whenever! I will say they are much cuter than they were in my day. You can even get hair bows and headbands to match!

Elliot and Griffin
The grandsons started last week, they love their teachers, hooray!

Elliot looks a little wary but he had a great week starting 1st grade. Time is rushing by......



  1. Just adorable pictures; time is flying for sure--my DH and I were just saying in light of recent events here that we are now the Older Generation! How did that happen....hugs, Julierose P.S. I loved uniforms, too, but you are right they were nowhere near as cute as your granddaughter's! LOL

  2. Cuties, every one of them. When I was really young the uniform was fine for me. Later I hated wearing it, might have something to do with it being a wool jumper over a nylon blouse. (Who thought that was a good idea?) In high school I came to appreciate not having to ponder over what to wear. Gave me a few more minutes to sleep. LOL
    Hope thye grands all have a great school year.

  3. These photos are soooo cute. It's funny how some things make you realise how time flies. It's wonderful that ribbons are part of the uniform. I would get in trouble for wearing ribbons but I'd still try anyway. Maybe it was because they were bright colours and not brown like my uniform. It's great to hear your grandsons like their teachers.

  4. All schools in Australia, to my knowledge, wear uniform! It truly is so much easier. Best wishes to all your grandchildren as they ease into the new school year!

  5. I can appreciate how difficult it is to see them grow up. None of my grandies are in school yet, but I see how much they're changing. I say, "yay" for school uniforms. It should be mandatory in all schools!

  6. Oh Kelly, Could they look any cuter? Maddy looks adorable with her missing tooth! Glad they had a good day at school and like their teacher.
    Summer did go by quickly for all of us. With all the good stuff... No doubt!

  7. Your cup is full, Kelly! Enjoy every minute of it!

  8. Maddy looks so grown up! I think ALL students should wear uniforms.
    Evens the playing fields.
    Hope all your grandkids have a great school year.

  9. very fun pictures, and I agree with you where did the time go? my youngest is a senior in college and I still can't believe it.

    I love uniforms wish my kids would have had to wear them , a lot less stress thru those middle high school years....

    enjoy they everyday! its great that your close by your children/grandchildren

  10. Great to see happy children enjoying their schools!


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